Thursday, February 17, 2011


I realize the title has nothing to do with a kitchen table or decorating or sewing.
Does it have to?
I think not.

My H's are raging or sagging or screaming or burning.

I don't know what to do about it.

Peri-menopause has hit.

I'm a sweaty, moody, brain fogged, heart racing mess
at times.

This isn't fair.

What to do?

Do you gals know?

I feel like I'm Wonder Woman one minute 
and the next
I'm could crumble into a heap on the floor.

Fluctuations, you say?

I get that.

But does anyone have a clue what to do, who to see, how to deal with this?

My female indicator light is ON.

I am woman.

In Native American cultures of the past, the elder women who were going through their change were served and cared for by the younger woman of the tribe.  They got to lay down - like all day long.

I don't have a tribe.

Where do I get one?

Do they exist any more?

Do YOU have one?

And then there's the
Black Cohosh

 Wild Yam cream




Spirulina Algae

  I get agita from ALL this stuff.

Eat your greens.
Eat some protein.

I eat so healthy just standing next to me may cause a vitamin surge.

Burn fat.
Get the endorphins going.

Should I eat some more junk?
More fat?

I love fat and feel great when I indulge in a couple slices of bacon.  My brain gets 'centered'.
Should I go to the drive-thru's a couple times a week?
I really don't want to.  But I will if you say so.
I'm that desperate.

Are there any good books on the subjects or health care practitioners that you'd recommend? 

I'll drive.  I don't care where they are.

I HATE feeling like this.

I'm starting to experience vertigo whenever I go to a store.  Only stores.  Are menopausal women not supposed to shop?  According to NA cultures, apparently not.  They are supposed to lay down.  I can't lay down.  Yet, I want to lay down, just to get the spinning to stop.

I can't remember anything anymore.  I remember my sons' names, sometimes, and who I am.  But things like......what was I just going to type?  LIKE THAT.  Things like that!

I know it may sound funny.  But I HATE this.  And I hate it that I HATE it.  God made me a woman.  Obviously it's part of HIS plan that I go through this.

My doc thinks I'm depressed and should go on some meds.  NOT.  I got depressed when she suggested that, yes?  But I wasn't feeling depressed before.

Then I tried a Kinesiologist.  NOT.  AGAIN.
Drank flower essences until I started to bloom and NOTHING.

I'm reaching out to YOU.  You may have an answer.  A suggestion.  Or know the name of a good medicine man.  Leave me his number.


love you gals,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birds of a Feather GIVEAWAY

sometimes a giveaway is one of the best things on the planet
take a look at this sweety

she's being given away

fly on over and put your name in the nest for a chance to win!

Have a wonderful night,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finding A Place to Live

sometimes we just need to sit

not in our living room
or front porch
somewhere new
our perspective can be altered

a place
with no expectations
no deadlines
no agenda
a spot on the planet
that we've never seen before
with our soul

a destination
the grind of life
is allowed to fall to the ground
in a big heap
and be swept out of the way
to make
a new life
without grinding, halting perfection
a perfect place
in heart
to regain
a new normal,
to make decisions
about who we are
what we choose to endeavor,
what we choose to endure,
who we choose to be surrounded by
the energy
the synergy
the glow
the joy
the life
can you tell I'm on vacation?

love you gals,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gitter Done on the Gulf Side!

  This is a unique GITTER DONE

But then again, isn't everything unique here in blog land?

Well, my Gitter Done, this time around involves our long overdue vacation!  It was an impromptu vacation.  That never happens.  EC suggested, "Let's go to the Gulf!"  I thought about it for a minute.....

With no real commitment or intention to blogging while we were gone, I couldn't pass this up.  Marianne's depending on us, right?
So gals, my GITTER DONE this Friday is...

  • packed lightly for 4 people for a two week stint over 1000 miles away from home
  • plan travel and accommodations for our 2.5 day drive down to the Gulf of Mexico
  • visit with some blogging buddies on the way down and back
Then this crazy thing happened on our way down here.
Driving through Alabama, right?  The crazy-of-all-crazy things happened.
It was the last bit of the trip.
We were just minutes from the Gulf.

And well....
The video will tell the rest of the story.
(the voice does not match the apologies...I tried several different ways to upload and the voice was still off...poo!
and at the end of the video I wave and say, "Hi, Marianne!")

I'll be checking in now and then...and you can always find me on Facebook!
Have a great weekend!

love you gals,


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