Friday, March 12, 2010

Louisa and Penelope are all dressed up! AND A PILLOW

OK, I'm so thrilled to show you this because well, I am.  I have never done anything like this in my entire life.  EVER.  I was extremely excited about it. So much so that I wrote a note in "screaming" font to 
after seeing her tutorial on sewing a pillow cover over at 
I never did the pillow cover.  

THAT'S A LIE!  I DID!  HERE SHE IS! (On Thursday afternoon I put the petal to the metal. That was after I had already written this post!)
Pillow sewn per Polly's instructions

With Cording (oh my!  Never did that before!)

And...are you ready?

Here 'tis!
A zipper.  The ever-loving zipper!

It opens.  It does!

All the way.  See the other pillow inside?
Polly, I did it!  Thanks to your tutorial!  (And Donna for letting me inside your computer for a day and a half!)  Oh, you should have seen me, running back and forth from the computer to my sewing machine.  "No, that's not right.  Oh, that's how it's done."  Sweating.  
It's not perfect.  I made a few mistakes.  But I know what to do next time.  NEXT TIME??  You bet!

And it's mine!  And it goes below

continued from above original post:
Instead I made a slip cover.  You see.  Because of all of you.  I'm getting mushy, gals.  But you see. I live this simple life.  Me.  EC.  Two darling boys.  Two doggies.  A little house.  A little church.  Some sweet, kind friends.  A few songs.  A walk in the park.  That's it.  Nothing more.  No grand anything.  Just a simple life.  I adore the simplicity and it is only possible because of God and his mercy and good grace that I'm a happy person.  Actually a very content person.  If I made stew in the crock pot with some delicious bread and had a few friends over and we played music together and in the evening tucked my boys in and kissed their heads and then I crawled into my bed afterwards, well.  Content.  I don't need any thing more.  And then I met you.  And I am becoming more.  Becoming more is not the same as needing more.  Becoming is a gift.  Freely given.  Because you are who you are doing what you do, I am becoming who I am doing what I do.  And then some.

Onto the dresses!

When I first met Louisa and Penelope they were gold.  

See.  Not ugly.  Just tired.

I found them on CL.  I'm not much for talking about the price of things. Mainly because I don't remember.  I've noticed since entering blog world that many of you creative geniuses "talk" about prices.  I appreciate that we all can get more for less and then do something even more spectacular to something we got for pocket change.  I probably will not price out my stuff.  For the reason stated before and also because I live in the moment forget that I even bought the thing let alone how much it costs.

Oh and I grew up with a mother that priced everything.  My eyes got stuck in the back of my head one time because she was laying out all the prices of things she bought that day.  Then I fell over backwards.  It's a traumatic memory.

So more often than not, probably never, will I talk about prices.  But if you ask, I'm happy to oblige, if my memory prevails.  Just so you know these gals were worth every single $40.  

Here's where I first introduced you to Louisa and Penelope

(oh, and it's all because of

Miss Mustard Seed
that I would even consider this pair!)

I kept looking at Louisa to see what she should look like.  I stare.  A lot.

I had a bolt of fabric (not because I'm a seamstress.  Because I'm a lunatic.  I buy bolts of fabric because I'm a wannabe)  This is dream fabric.  Creamy texture.  Smooth.  Sturdy.  Washed out cotton.  Looks like faded denim.  Flannel.  I don't care.  I love it!  And I've vowed that whenever I see this kind of fabric I am buying bolts of it in all colors that go with my life!

Then came the ruffles.  Ruffles?  I am so not a ruffles gal.  I do however love old English regalia - clothes from the late 1700's, early 1800's. No corsets, thank you.  I am a long admirer of Jane Austen's novels (we share a birthday - she's like 188 years older than me).  So I started making a pleated bustle type thing,
  before I even decided on making the slip cover.

I had no idea how to do this.  My only guess is that after reading all of your blogs, the info that you've been dumping out seeped into my brain and landed in the slipcover file.  I got to sewing.  I made the top.  Attached the bustle.  Then cut out and sewed the seat.  Then made ruffles.  
Attached them.  Then stared at Louisa.

She was smiling back at me.  I had tears in my eyes.  We were both nodding, "Yes".  She whispered "Thank you" - in a British accent.

Then I sat on the floor and made four large ruffles for Penelope.  Sewed the top of the otto (woman), attached the ruffles.  
Got her all dressed up.  And Penelope, being a bit more passionate, needed those ruffles to be flared out, draping, making a sweeping sound as she whirled about the room!  Penelope thanked me in her own way.  By twirling!  

I'm so in love with these right now. They are sitting sweetly in the middle of my living room because I have to have the pair on display for myself and visitors.  I'm going to put them in my room.  But all I do there is sleep.  Poo.

 We shall see where the ladies end up!     
for this

I'm going to be linking up this weekend to a bunch of parties, fan fares, etc.  Oh and I'll be painting the legs on Louisa to match her new dress!


  1. "......squealing, she said "KOLEIN, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!" i wish I could share all of your sweet and funny little emails with everyone so they'd know exactly how much this project meant to you. Maybe I will do that on my blog soon. Can I?

    For someone who doesn't sew and only once dreamed of it, YOU have proven that one CAN do whatever they set their mind to do. I really am SO PROUD OF YOU!

    Your slipcover looks fabulous. Seriously fabulous. I would never believe it was your first time out if you hadn't told me.

    Good job - pat on the back - pat on the head - good job!

  2. Kolein!

    What a great pair of slips and good job on the pillow.

    I'll have to check out Polly's tutorial on the pillow slip...I too have never EVER installed a zipper.

    The chair and otto(woman) are so great!
    Good job...
    You should be so proud!

    Well, in your pictures I can tell you're just beaming with pride.

    you should be.


    Girl, I didn't know you had it in you. I feel like a proud mama...don't know why...I just do.


  4. My my my my my my goodness woman! Lookit you go! You're outa control!

    This good news must spread! For those that want access to the tutorial, please email me and I'll direct you to a link where it sits. It's temporarily on my private blog as the html content kept the blogroll from reloading. I did something bad. :(

    Polly, kudos! Good teachin!


  5. Your slip covers and pillow are great. I can't believe that this is your first effort. You are amazing. But most of all I loved your whimsical posting. You lifted my spirits and that is a talent you can't learn on the internet, it has to come from the heart.

  6. Wow Great job!! so impressed

  7. Your slips are astonishing! Great job! I need to check out Polly! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love it, they are looking ever so pretty now. I can almost see them dance lol.

    Hugs and hop on over to MY first ever (not perfect) slipcover.

  9. Good for you, everything looks so fun!

  10. A lunatic? Really? I never figured you for a lunatic. I am a lunatic as well if it makes you feel any better. I have a bunch of fabric waiting for the sewing bug to bite me. I love buying fabric. And I love your finished product. I can almost see Penelope twirling. But I do have a vivid imagination. Just saying.

  11. Louisa and Penelope are finally home!
    They are now energized (hence the twirling) and not tired. Which is why they shouldn't be put in your bedroom ;)
    Good job, girl! I love the ruffles!

  12. That chair and ottoman look so cute! You did a great job. And I can't believe your pillow with a working zipper and all! I've been sewing for years and I've never done a zipper. You're really showing me up, here. :) Great job!

  13. Alaina said..Great job, be proud you give me inspiration to try again after my first failure. I think it is a hoot that you named them also, very amusing. I will read more.

  14. Hi there,
    Thanks for coming by and letting me know about your slipcover. First one!?!? Wow! I think I'll use your's for inspiration. This turned out amazing. I buy bolts of fabric too. It's so nice to have a project in mind and go to the "stash" and find something to use. But $1.50 per yard... you can't pass that by for any reason. I love the ruffles you did. I made my first slip last summer. A woman took a chance on me, and it worked! Now I can't get enough.And, I've found so many slipcover blogs now!
    Well, I'll be back,

  15. Wow! You're an inspiration - I don't think I could do anything remotely like that on my first try. Way to go!


  16. What a (FUN & SILLY) inspiration you are! I've been looking around Polly's blog for tips and COURAGE.... The Lord sent YOU! I have 3 bar stools and 2 armchairs that I've put off covering for so long it's gross... I finally found a local lady to help me thread the needle on my new machine (clearly I'm an owner, not sewer) and will start this weekend with her looking over my shoulder. Your enthusiasm, humor and beautiful covers are just what I needed to feel I can do it! Thank you so much for this post! Enjoy your awesome simple life!


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