Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thinkin' THURSDAY - that's all I got time for!!!

I miss you.
I do.
But I can't be here right now.
Not this minute.

I got dinner on the stove.

Besides that.
I got a house to get ready to sell.

Oh my lands, the stuff I have to let go of.

Somebody pray.
No really.

I promise, with my whole heart, to be here again soon.

(ooh!  ooh!  that's wingy in the background...she's almost done!)

I've committed to Donna's gig over there.
So I guess I'll be here again.
Please don't leave.

I visit ya a lot.
And sometimes I even comment.
Cuz Lord knows I always got something to say.

Sincerely miss ya!!!


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