Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Rose is a Rose!

 Last week I met Rose!

Rose from the amazing

How it all happened, I just can't believe my eyes!

I entered her 'Bat Wing' Giveaway.

I don't usually enter giveaways.

So I most certainly NEVER win.

This time.

I won.

How fun!

And because Rose lives only an hour from me and  comes to our city for work occasionally,
we met for lunch!

Can it get any funner?
(apparently 'funner' is a word)

This is her in the parking lot telling me something about not being photogenic. Na-uh!
She's very cute!!!
And sweet!!

Wanna know just how sweet & cute she is?
I thought so.

She not only delivered the goods!
(you can take a look at what I won over at her blog! 'Bat Wing' Giveaway. oh my!)

She had everything all wrapped up and boxed for me!  And she threw in a few extras!
I really ADORE extras!

Notice that blue scarf?
She knows I LOVE scarves and gave me a vintage one with a beautiful leaf print and in my favorite up-close-to-my face color:

That wasn't EVEN the best part!
She knew that I lost nearly all of my novels, poetry and decorating books in our recent flooded basement. I wrote about it in a post and mentioned that some books were vintage.  
(I still have NOT tossed any of them. They are soaked and stuck together and in the same mushy wet box as the day I found them nearly floating in my studio.  Ugh.)

Louisa May Alcott's novels have taught me some of my parenting skills over the years.  
Little Women.  Love.
Jo's Boys. Truly a wonderful insight into my two boys, as well as my husband.

When Rose was a little girl someone had given her Jo's Boys to read.
After reading my flood post she emailed me and said that she had her own copy which was vintage when she got it.  She had written her name in it when she was younger.
She wanted to give her copy to me.
~be still my heart~
I sat and cried at the computer that night.
Such a touching gesture from someone I hardly know...'cept for the blog!

And Rose being Rose, well, she also gave me Little Men, & Under The Lilacs - both written my LMA.

She also wrote to me to add that she had windows and tables and all sorts of things for the asking, if I wanted.
I wanted.
But we are trying to get our house ready to sell or something and if I brought in more than the box of goodies I won...well, we won't even mention what everyone  might think!

For now,
 I want to thank you Rose,
from the bottom of my heart!

I'm so looking forward to displaying these creative treasures and walking passed them in my home knowing they came from you!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Would you be so kind and wish my MOM a Happy Birthday


This kind of a post has very little to do with decorating or the kitchen table....or does it?
Where there is a mother, there is home.

Where there is a mother, there is usually a kitchen table.

My mom is one of those kind of ladies who, if she lived when Susan B. Anthony was carrying signs for the women's suffrage movement, Mom would have been right there marching down the street.  I wouldn't call her a women's liber, but I would call her a
woman of movement!  

Mountains.  Yep, she's moved 'em.

Life has not always been easy for her.  But she makes the most of it. 
And still finds ways to give to others.

She perseveres.  She manages to enjoy simple things. 
A good movie.
A good read.
Her cup of tea.

This past Sunday she sat, sandwiched between my boys, in church.  As I looked over at her I thought that God had saved a little bit of perfection for her that day.  Her best friend and brother-in-law sitting with her, both whom she cares for in word and deed and her little grandsons and their sweet love for her.

A memory that always puts a smile on my face is being in the kitchen watching Mom and my grandma baking for Easter.  Dough everywhere.  Flour in air.  They would always pull off a hunk of dough for me to knead and prepare.  The aroma was heavenly!  It is forever embedded in my memory.  To this day, if I walk into a bakery I am instantly brought back to those moments!

Another memory that makes me roar out laughing is the time I was home from college and Mom and I were doing some grocery shopping.  A very long list of items to always....Mom stocked our refrigerator and cupboards with TONS of really, ask my friends.  They wanted to live in our kitchen!  LOL!
I took a look at the list and told Mom I'd go and shop for a bunch of items and then meet back up with her.
I walked away and then went around the aisle and walked up to her from behind, changed my voice, and started calling out her name like I was a long lost friend who was bumping into her after all these years.  I'll never forget the expressions on her face.  First, a huge smile as she was turning around to see who I was and then she grunted something out at me, her brow furrowed, and then she started laughing!!! 
(remember that, Mom??)

Another memory, that at the time I did NOT appreciate, but is definitely worth mentioning, was the music my parents chose for me to listen to.

OK.  I was a kid in the 70's.  James Taylor, Helen Reddy, Abba, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, John Denver, Jim Croce, Ann Murray.  You get the picture.

Well, my parents thought that was ROCK 'N ROLL.  
"There won't be any of that in this house!"

So at Christmas time I'd make my list of desired gifts.

Under the tree I'd spy a stack of albums wrapped.
I'd wonder for weeks which ones they bought.

Christmas morning my surprise was a lot bigger than I'd imagine.
Instead of Abba,
Loretta Lynn.

Instead of Jim Croce,
Roger Whittaker.

Instead of Elton John, 
Eddy Arnold.

My parents liked country western music.  I didn't.  But I learned to and then I began to LOVE it.  
While the adolescent couldn't appreciate these choices, the adult is EVER so grateful.  I have an appreciation for nearly all types of music because of this influence!!

There is so much more to mention about Mom.  Oh, the stories could fill a book.  But we don't want the paparazzi to follow us, so we'll just keep our little family secrets under wraps!

I love you, Mom!!!
If you have a free moment
would you wish my Mom a happy day today?

It would make her smile BIG!


Friday, April 8, 2011

What to do when the basement's flooded?

 Remember this space? (my apologies for the blurry photos???)

She's no more.

I was sad.

For about 3 minutes.

Then I turned around and noticed the boxes of books I had packed to get our house ready to sell, sitting in the pool of backed up sump pump water.

No! I can't look!
I screeched.  Out loud.

Jane Austen novels!

Pride and Prejudice!  Mr. Darcy!  Eliza!!!!!!!!
Sense and Sens...........Persuas................!!!!!!!!!!! *whimper*

Louisa May Alcott.....Little Women.....Jo's Boys.......!!!!!!!!!!

The list goes on..........poetry books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some were vintage.

Oh my stars.

Not my decorating books................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My inspiration books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Egads!

They're gone.  In a flash.  Or a splash.  whatever.

I don't know that they can be saved without being triple the size after drying....

I like to carry books to the park.  

This won't work unless they're in EC's heavy duty mountaineering backpack; which vacates the whole sweet experience of carrying a book and reading in the park.


Onward and upward.



I crawled up from the basement AKA: Studio C and decided what any one of us would decide:

Go sew something.  Deal with that situ at another juncture.  

So here's what transpired after so much had expired down below.

Put the pedal to the metal.............whizzzzzzz, whirrrrrrrrrrrr, buzzzzzzzzzzz, zipppppppppp

Hop on over here to see what this became!

And this....

I'm still working on the cover for this chair, the ottoman is finished.  You can read about that here....

....oh happy day at the sewing and my naked foot on the pedal and my little reading glasses so I can see....slip covers are my One weakness!

In the flood, I also lost the boys' Montessori home school books and notebooks I was saving for when they graduate.  In the trash it all went.........well, some things didn't yet.  I can only handle so much at one time, you see.  I can barely include this in my post.  Life is still good.  We just lightened our load!!!!

s m i l e s


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