Friday, April 8, 2011

What to do when the basement's flooded?

 Remember this space? (my apologies for the blurry photos???)

She's no more.

I was sad.

For about 3 minutes.

Then I turned around and noticed the boxes of books I had packed to get our house ready to sell, sitting in the pool of backed up sump pump water.

No! I can't look!
I screeched.  Out loud.

Jane Austen novels!

Pride and Prejudice!  Mr. Darcy!  Eliza!!!!!!!!
Sense and Sens...........Persuas................!!!!!!!!!!! *whimper*

Louisa May Alcott.....Little Women.....Jo's Boys.......!!!!!!!!!!

The list goes on..........poetry books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some were vintage.

Oh my stars.

Not my decorating books................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My inspiration books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Egads!

They're gone.  In a flash.  Or a splash.  whatever.

I don't know that they can be saved without being triple the size after drying....

I like to carry books to the park.  

This won't work unless they're in EC's heavy duty mountaineering backpack; which vacates the whole sweet experience of carrying a book and reading in the park.


Onward and upward.



I crawled up from the basement AKA: Studio C and decided what any one of us would decide:

Go sew something.  Deal with that situ at another juncture.  

So here's what transpired after so much had expired down below.

Put the pedal to the metal.............whizzzzzzz, whirrrrrrrrrrrr, buzzzzzzzzzzz, zipppppppppp

Hop on over here to see what this became!

And this....

I'm still working on the cover for this chair, the ottoman is finished.  You can read about that here....

....oh happy day at the sewing and my naked foot on the pedal and my little reading glasses so I can see....slip covers are my One weakness!

In the flood, I also lost the boys' Montessori home school books and notebooks I was saving for when they graduate.  In the trash it all went.........well, some things didn't yet.  I can only handle so much at one time, you see.  I can barely include this in my post.  Life is still good.  We just lightened our load!!!!

s m i l e s


  1. Oh Kolein! I would be beside myself in that scenario.. I love that you manage to put a positive spin on it :)

    Right, now I'm off to see what you made!

  2. Sorry about the books... I hate that... but your chin is up and that is more important! Maybe you can make something cool out of the damaged ones... if there are any left....

  3. So sorry about your basement...especially all those precious books! Had to grin at your "Dorcas Lane" like comment ;)Lark Rise is one of my favorite shows.
    Glad you were able to get something positive out of the whole basement mess! :) Off to see your latest creation...:)

  4. Nooo...not Pride & Prejudice! Be still my heart. So sad for you & your books. My husband's parents' basement flooded years ago and they lost all of his schoolwork. He wasn't even upset - I guess guys just don't care as much about that stuff. It will probably bother you a lot more than your boys! :)

  5. Ugh, sorry to hear about the mess. Good to hear you are back to sewing and getting past it all. Or trying to at least!

  6. Oh no!! Don't throw those books out just yet. Tear out a stack of pages, wrap them with burlap string, and tie onw of your white twigs to it and then plop it on your coffee table for an interesting centerpiece.

    Did you know that you can wet a book page, lay it on canvas, and it'll come off on the fabric, word for word? Only problem is, the writing is backwards - but who cares!

    You can also roll the pages in a cone, dab a bit of glue on it, then fill it with goodies, or nuts, or even a fresh picked stem.

    Or, you could always start you a bookpage wreath.

    This could be a good some degree.

    Miss chatting with ya my friend. Hope you got this mess all cleaned up finally. (I see the apron survived though :))

  7. Oh Kolein! So sorry about the flooding! I hate when that happens, it is so awful to get cleaned up. I had a water line break in my basement one time and we weren't home! It was a finished basement (master bedroom, and family room) It was just horrible!
    I've got a copy of Jo's boys if you would like it. It's from when I was a kid. I'll send it to you.

  8. Hi Kolein!

    Missed you this past week! I'm so sorry about your basement and your precious books. UGH!!! Looks like you know how to make lemonade out of lemons :)
    I'm really impressed with all your sewing projects. You should make an ebook...seriously! It would never get wet :)
    Have a wonderful Monday! Look forward to catching up!

  9. Oh no! I know there are worse things in life, but this sucks majorly. Hope you will be able to safe/replace some of your stuff.
    And yeah about the sewing! You are rocking your sewing machine these days.

  10. Aw. That looks awful! I’m sorry about the books. Floods can devastate not only the space, but also your belongings. Did you check your plumbing system already? To prevent this from happening, do some inspection and repair and replace any damage in your piping system.


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