Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The slipcover that moves!

Remember this?

This is her new DO!

She rocks back and forth

with a little more pizzazz now!

I'm working on her partner

after I tackle the flooded basement...........
I can't even........

Have a dry night,


  1. Ick! flooded basement?!!!
    Where Kolein Creates?!!! I remember you had a sewing slash painting area there...
    Well, all that melting snow has to go someplace I guess. Sorry to hear it is in your basement!

    As for the slippy...woot woot! That is too cute.
    I love it. Way to say your money and memories too. I remember you rocked your babies in that chair. So sweet!
    Can't wait to see the chair all finished.

  2. Oh so sorry about the basement.

    Your ottoman is wonderful. I am amazed at your sewing abilites. You rock girl!!!!

  3. She is sweet and sassy! Can you give personality to objects? Well, I just did :) All of your slipcovers are beautiful, Kolein! I still need to re-do my ottoman. You've inspired me!

    Sorry to hear about your flooded basement. I hope you didn't lose anything of value or sentiment.

    Almost Thursday. Hope the rest of your week goes better!

  4. That is terrific Kolein!!! I love her and she is a beauty! Flooded basement eh? Not so good. Hope all is drying out sooner rather than later:)

  5. Very pizazzy indeed!! Great job!!! Now... you and EC just need some more babies to rock in it with! :)

  6. You are just becoming a slip covering machine. Yay you. Nicely done.

  7. Sorry you are having to deal with the basement. Such a mess I'm sure.

    The little stool looks great! You are becoming quite the pro at the slipcover. You can come do some for me!

  8. Hi Kolein,

    Found you over at Corn in my Coffee-Pot with your tale about the wild garlic...Very funny story...different culture, indeed!!!

    Kinda wish American culture was geared a little more towards barter and sharing our talents. I see it in blogland all the time....

    Happy Friday....

  9. oh, and PS. Love the slip cover...My mom does upholstery, and has transformed even the most hideous of ducklings, but won't do slipcovers! ARRRGH!!! I guess I'm on my own there.... :-)

  10. What a cool makeover, can't wait to see the chair in similar style! So sorry to hear about flooding :(


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