Friday, October 14, 2011

Sorry I didn't return your call...really I am!

I have wanted to let you all know why I'm not blogging...MUCH.

Well.  Much.  Ok. Never.

Oh by the by, 

Happy October!

Isn't it grand how odd I can look?

Today I straightened my hair.
(Denise did it once and the idea from her!)

As soon as I go outdoors
(above photo is showing you the pouring rain outside our dining room window!)
my straight hair will be no more.  You care, right?


This is how I progress into the whereabouts of me, here the blogger person.

I don't have a clear answer as to why.
I'm not blogging much.

I feel the call
to sit and do school with my children.

Or sip coffee with my husband.


*swallow hard, gasp air

Do laundry.


You know that thing we all squeeze in between blog posts and photo uploads and creative genius spurts?

I LOVED the creative energy that you all kicked out of me.

And I am a tad jealous that I cannot find the time or focus to devote to that place at present.

However, that does NOT, no, no, no, NOT mean I have left or gone or disappeared or vanished.

I am here.


I read your blogs in the afternoon or the evening after school is completed and I feel guilt-free.

Cuz, guilt is NOT PRETTY on anyone's heart.

So here's the update:

EC and I have decided to stay in our house for the next few years. We will be making some, much needed, indoor and outdoor updates!

EC will be redoing our 1.5 adjoining bathrooms!
can someone shout along with me???

He's turning our crazy designed baths into 

Oh glory to all that is right and sanitary!!!!

I've already begun the process of searching for sinks, faucets, bead board ideas, colors, toilets and toilet handles (they are very important, you know!)

Of course, I will share it with you.  
It might come as a before and after.  
Is that OK?

It took me a lengthy amount of time to get over this.  I felt defeated.  Not only with the loss of valuable items.  But having to deal with the clean up and re-organization of Studio C. I wanted to throw in the towel, but it was soaking wet on the floor.  I didn't go down there for months.
EC did the clean up.  I could NOT.
My little creative life down there was all wet and smelly.


It's looking healthier now.  I've actually spent some time getting stuff back in there to work its magic.  I had even asked my girlfriend to pack up my paints and brushes and canvases and sewing materials.  But after the room is back in creative order I will unpack those boxes and get going on something.


Some of you know EC and I sing and write music.  I have another blog for that (still in its infancy because we all know how long some of these creative things can take).
We have found a sound man to assist with our music studio to begin the works on our first CD.
Our beginning date is some time in December.
You will all get a copy of it once it's out.  I promise.  You know, if you want one that is.
It's not the usual kind of music.
No.  Not at all.
But we've performed for folks and they seem to be moved by it.
I know I am.
Can't believe it really.
But I know it's real.
You'll understand more as the release date approaches.
*serious butterflies right now

There is more...always and forever....
But for now I hope you accept my long overdue apology for being remiss with posts and updates and laughter and silliness.

with my whole heart,


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