Monday, March 29, 2010


First you should know.  I don't do curbs.  I don't stop and pick things up. It's yucky.  And dirty.  There may be mice.  Roaches, even.  Bleck!

I do look out my window.

Which is what I did on Saturday.
I saw this pile.  Right next door.  At the curb.
I rang my neighbors to ask if it was OK.  I don't think I stopped long enough to think rationally about all of this.  They said, "Take whatever you want and when we have more we'll let you know."

I was jubilant.

I carried everything home.  One piece at a time.
Brought it all up to the front patio doors.  Then carried it inside my house.

My husband did a double take.  ("Who's this woman bringing this dirty junk stuff into our house?  Oh, Kolein, is that you?  What are you going to do with this?  What are you doing with that ladder?")

I smiled sheepishly and said, "Something.  I don't know."

Here's the list:
  • An 8 ft wooden ladder
  • Four shelves, like new with brackets, screws and mounting things
  • Wooden shelf/book case
  • Sturdy wooden chair(thought I'd make a guitar pickin' seat for EC out of it)
  • Handmade wooden shelf thing

I may have left the planet that I used to live on.  I'm taking residence some where else right now.  Excuse me while I figure out who I am and what I'm doing with my life!

Madness Monday MakeOVER

OK, gals.

Here is the Master Bathroom!

Hilarious that it's called that.

It's really a powder room with a door into our bedroom.

Mine and EC's.

Here's the door into our room.

This toilet room boasts a square footage of about 35.  Tiny room to share with EC - who you may remember is close to 6 feet tall.  Me, too.

"Who thought of this layout?" I'll never get the answer to that question.

I'm standing practically in the tub right now to get this shot.  The door on the right goes into our other toilet room.  Hee.

Here's another look.  I changed it UP in here about 8-10 years ago.  Who remembers specifically.  I was pregnant and nesting at the time.

Toilet in front (or behind) the sink, depending on where you're standing.  Notice the dual colors.  The proverbial THEY don't make this yellow anymore.  
I painted the brown cabinet white & did this skirt because there were 2 HUGE doors on this vanity that opened into the room and would put gashes in our shins!!  Do we have enough doors in our house???  Whatcha think?  I'm calling Jim Morrison.  Oh, I can't.  Well, I'll sing one of his songs instead.

Toilet and a view into our backyard.  Now who thought of this?  Either way, girl or boy, you can't go #1 or #2 with a window in back (or in front of you depending on who you are) when you use the loo.  Crazy.  My husband picked this house out way before we were married.  This is not to put him down in anyway.  I don't do that silly stuff.  He bought the house for the trees.  Yep.  All three boys use those too!  Isn't this funny???

I'm sitting on the toilet right now.  Not like that!  Using it like a chair.  OK?
Here's my foot just to give you a perspective on how close the other two doors  and tub are (well, it's one door, but it opens/closes into both rooms)!

I put the border up many years ago.

Hung Gauguin's painting of The Washerwomen

next to the toilet.

And put up an oil EC's Aunt did.  A farm pic in the bathroom?  I don't know.  The colors looked nice.  Hung a cute shelf with a tin mirror to look at the back of my hair.  (you needed to know that, right?)

Some hooks for towels.
And called it a day!

Here's the view into our bedroom!

That's Lily on the bed.

There you have it folks.  The Master Bath.  Love your thoughts, ideas, anything you might want to say...shout it out at me!!!

Plans here are to get new toilets, sinks and paint the walls.  We were going to gut the place, but we don't have the stomach for it!

Have a gooday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Look what I got in the mail!!!

Isn't the fabric sweet looking?

It comes with pockets,


a girlie ruffle,

and this spot to hold your business cards, just in case the door bell rings and you happen to be wearing this,

and she clips right on!

My very own work apron!  I love it SO much!

It's so useful. Right now I'm doing my second slipcover EVER.  And no one in the house hears me say, "Do you know where my scissors are?  Have you seen my seam ripper?, Where's my marker?"  NEVER AGAIN!
I love it, Polly!


Now I'm going back to try and figure out this wing chair cover
with my apron on, of course!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I don't want a million dollars - Whimsical Wednesday

"What would you do if you won a million dollars, Mommy?"

My eldest son asked me the other day.

He's nine.

His new issue of Legos came in the mail.

He realizes that we need money to get things.

That's a good thing for him to know.

I replied,

"I don't gamble, so I don't think I'd win a million dollars, but if say, someone gave a million to me."  (I wanted to answer him.  He asked.)

This is what I said,

"I'd pay all our bills.  Make sure you and your brother had enough for college and then probably buy some things, and give some away."

He was waiting for more.

Then I realized, I didn't want a million dollars.

I have everything I need.  When you have everything you need you don't need anything more.

I told him so.

He smiled and agreed.

Then he asked how much money he had so he could order some new Legos.

Then I hopped on line to see what I could buy on Craigs List.

Just keeping it real here.

And whimsy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magazine Marks for Tassel Tuesday

Bookmarks are lovely because they remind me that I adore books and reading and saving a page to come back to again. 

When I purchased a laminator machine a few years ago I began recycling all the cards we received from friends and family.  Some of the cards are just gorgeous.  And it always seemed like such a waste for me to throw them in the trash.  Thus, began the bookmarks.  I'd cut the card, laminate it, hole punch, add some ribbon.  Voila!  Instant bookmark!  So pretty.  So fun.  Over the years, I've been giving them as gifts inside books!

Well, the other day, I realized that I needed some for the plethora of magazines that I read and treasure.

So I began saving these.
That's right.  Tissue boxes.  Some of them are like works of art.  I cannot throw them out.  Anymore.

With an Exacto knife I sliced off the sides.  With my new paints from Miss Mustard Seed, I rolled paint to match, on the backs of the cardboard.  Let them dry.  Ran them through the laminator.  Punched a hole.  Added some pretty ribbon.  Made it extra long.

Sewed the ribbon onto the cardboard.  Then sewed a swirl clip on the end of the ribbon.

Now as I flip through my favorite decorating magazines, not only can I save the page I was just looking at....but because the ribbon is extra long I can clip another page that I want to go back to...(Momma gets interrupted a lot during tea time break after school is finished in our house.  I never get to savor the entire magazine in one sitting)

as well as save a third inspiring spot with the ribbon!
These magazine marks work wonderfully!

They are large and sit well and sturdy inside the magazine!

And I think they are kinda cheery and happy looking too!

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think!


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