Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I don't want a million dollars - Whimsical Wednesday

"What would you do if you won a million dollars, Mommy?"

My eldest son asked me the other day.

He's nine.

His new issue of Legos came in the mail.

He realizes that we need money to get things.

That's a good thing for him to know.

I replied,

"I don't gamble, so I don't think I'd win a million dollars, but if say, someone gave a million to me."  (I wanted to answer him.  He asked.)

This is what I said,

"I'd pay all our bills.  Make sure you and your brother had enough for college and then probably buy some things, and give some away."

He was waiting for more.

Then I realized, I didn't want a million dollars.

I have everything I need.  When you have everything you need you don't need anything more.

I told him so.

He smiled and agreed.

Then he asked how much money he had so he could order some new Legos.

Then I hopped on line to see what I could buy on Craigs List.

Just keeping it real here.

And whimsy!


  1. You are very right, when you wish for a million dollars and it would land your right back to where you started, they call that happiness.

  2. Morning! I always heard that money does not make you happy and I think your answer was perfect!! Still drolling over your colors on those book marks you made!
    Cheers and Blessings!

  3. So true, but I think I'd be okay if I had a little extra to travel and help others and buy one of those nifty aprons. :)


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