Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mountain LOVE!

We love the mountains.

The Adirondack Mountains, with its 46 high peaks, are stunning!
Don't you agree?

Breathtaking views.
Hey, where'd that mountain come from?
Well, we like all kinds of mountains here.  Including mountains of delectable food.

This mountain of deliciousness is brought to you via my kitchen by way of Christine at Jaz Creations!

I saw her blog the other day....and drooled.  Had-to-have-it kinda drool!!!  She made these babies.  I wanted to birth my own after nearly eating the monitor screen!!!  (you think I'm kidding!)

OK, one more shot of EC and our 9 yo on top of the mountain.  

Now onto the FOOD!!!!!!
EC bought these at our local market.  I love it when he does the shopping.  He always gets the biggest and bestest.  I'm Frugal Fanny and Improvise Ida!!!  
(that means I don't!)

Just to show you the size of these girls - I mean, have you ever seen an edible mushroom this gigantic?  Remember I'm nearly 6 feet tall and of Hungarian descent - so my hands are not wee little dainty ones.

Here's my version. (remember Fanny and Ida?)

Ground turkey, garlic - sauteed.

Onions, scallions, carrots, hard salami (ok, that's what we had...Christine is much classier. She used Bruschetta - ***which by the way is not to be confused with "prosciutto" which is what this nutcake thought when she read Christine's recipe days ago) - sauteed. 

Mix turkey and veggies, add feta.  (Ida here used feta instead of the recommended goat cheese!  Baaah!)

Filler up!!!!  (oops. sorry did I get saliva on ya?) 

And up and up and up! Sprinkle mozzarella on top....

...of this beautiful in oven at 350...and then dive in
peak first!!!

*** edited post - big time!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tassel tuesday - it's a go!

Here she is.

Sitting outside for a spell.


Surprised me with her.

She created her.


Oh how I love her.

This fancy dear came in the mail.

I was so happy.

I told Denise so!

This beauty came by way of Paris
via my friend, Ginger!

Oh how I love my friends.
She saw the tassel and thought of me!

So I decided that it needed a space all its own.

Then I brought Sweet Birdie inside.
She needed to be out of the elements anyway.

And I gave her a spot quite appropriate.

Now I can think of my friends as I sit at the kitchen table
when I walk to and fro through the breakfast room.

Maybe say a prayer for them.
Hold them in my heart.

You may remember these from Leanne  at Organize Your Stuff Now and her ginormous swap box of goodies?

Well, these are being carefully hung.  Can't wait to show you this next week.  If I can wait that long!!!!

Thanks for stopping over on this Tassel Tuesday!  So wish we all could "hang" out together!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giddy for Gittiner Done!

Thanks to Donna and her inspiration I've been gittin' it done!

I decided on a list approach.

First thing.

Get a new dish soap dispenser for the kitchen.

I know this might appear pretty lame in the scheme of "gittin' things done", but trust me when I replaced this plastic thing with the new one I had a little skip in my step.

Some things just get put on hold because life is happening.  On HOLD was this dish detergent dispenser. (notice it wasn't even for dish soap.  lamest!)

Not anymore.  Gotter done!!!!

Next was the shower curtain on my 6yo's closet in his bedroom.  I've totally redone the room.  Yep, painted it and everything.  But that's not what I'm showing ya just yet.

I found a white roman shade at the thrift shop and wanted to put this shower curtain on it and mount it to hang on the window.  I had NO CLUE WITH FLASHING RED LIGHTS on how to do it.  So I made it up.  Yep.  Cut the shower curtain.  Laid the shade on the floor and glued (you read the correctly) glued the fabric to the shade.  Had no idea if it would work.

It did.

I even hung it up myself.  And it's straight.  By Golly Miss Molly I did it!
(funny.  when my husband asked if I wanted him to do it, I said, "No.  I can do it!" (in a Brooklyn accent!!!!)
It works!  It works!  I was so scared.  But it works!!!!

Next was making up a SWAP BOX for Leanne over at OrganizeYourStuffNow.
She sent mine out to me like back in 1982 two months ago.  I went on the wildest shopping adventures for a month looking for items that she'd like. I went to thrift shops, craft stores, a flea market.  I really got out there.  She likes vintage.  That stuff's not easy to find in a one-stop-shop!

I packed all the pretty stuff up and sent it out TODAY!!!
Gotter Done!

Next on the list is the wee spot here in our backyard.  Our bedroom window looks out over this little garden area.  I love the stump.  I mean, like, I LOVE it!!!

So I've been thinking about putting something on it.  A flowering plant.  Something.  I don't know.  But when I do I'll let you all know!

Thanks Donna!
Have a lovely evening!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Typesetting drawer holds a different story today

This Saturday Night Special over at Donna's 



Here's one of ours
A Hamilton Typesetter Drawer from way back when.

I bought this for $1

when I began officially home schooling my children.

In 2005.

Lying on the table here it measures 37 inches long by 17 inches deep.

There are over 100 compartments that used to house letters/typesets.

I love print.

I love books.

Old newspapers.

I love to write.

I loved my electronic type writer way back when.

I took it everywhere with me.



So I had to have this.
And we are using it in our classroom as our official "Collection Board".
There are no rules.
Put anything in you like, from anywhere.
Including the driveway, the mountains, the ocean, the toy box.
Or from the wood pile, like the snake skin above.  Or from the Thai restaurant, like the mussel shells from Dad's dinner.
It doesn't matter.
As long as you can write a story about it.

Our Founding Father looking on.

The smallest usable pencil found in Grandma Beryl's desk after she went to be with Grandpa Chet in heaven.
And Grandpa Chet's ruler.

Everything has a story.  Every little trinket taking up space has been carefully placed in the perfect spot to be admired at any time.

The boys run over occasionally to stop and stare.  They remember where everything came from.  And why they put it there.

And when every little compartment in this drawer is filled I will get another typesetter drawer and let the stories continue.


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