Saturday, April 7, 2012

The EASTER BUNNY target?

Because we have this

My boys do this

And this

And this

 Which makes EC do this

and this

then I do this

Instructions for Hay Bale Wall: Go to farm, buy bales of hay, carry them in your mini-van to the city, wedge them in between trees in backyard. Secure with rope.

Instructions for Target: Marry a man, give birth to two boys, purchase all archery equipment needed for sport to be Olympic style, let boys loose in back yard.  

Instructions for Bunny Target: Marry a man, give birth to two boys, create hay bale wall in backyard, shoot arrows for days on end into traditional style target......then think.....and think.....grab a hunk of Ethafoam, cut foam with old tool box steak knife (EC couldn't throw it out) into desired shape, attach bunny parts with contact cement. Let glue dry. Spray paint bunny target a pretty spring color. Wait for Easter.

Happy Easter

Hope you enjoy yours!
You know what we'll be doing!

love you gals,

ps - Yes, EC did all of the above, except for the spray painting!
*eggs designed by Sean, 8yo.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grey Accessories!

Rocked my sweet babies
in this rocking chair and rocking ottoman
some 8 and 11 years ago!

(Almost put these chairs to the curb one day)

Then I grabbed some confidence, along with a large drop cloth, 
thanks to Polly and Donna and Marian
...held my breath
and thus began the sewing adventure of a lifetime.

Work in progress

 Welting and skirt

Dancing ottoman

Tailoring details on chair back

 Here they are now
with my favorite grey accessories!

love you gals,

Monday, April 2, 2012

All kinds of blooms!

click here.  had trouble sharing the video


This creative woman is afire!
She does and makes and creates and paints and travels and has body parts removed and eats Reese's PB cups and laughs and then sews some slip covers.
All in the same day!
(not kidding)
It hurts me.

But I love every project she has mastered! Marian makes every project look do-able,
in real life. 
And I can attest to that.
While following her blog for a while now, I have entered the world as a painter of furniture and canvas and have covered nearly all my hand me down furniture in slipcovers with cording/welting!

Thank you, Marian!

So I wanted to give a shout out about her talents and gifts
along with a heart felt personal thanks!

In case you didn't see the show, there's a clip above!
Just click on her blog name!

love you gals,

can't get the video to work here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cinchy Stuff


Me again.
How 'bout all that heat last week?


23 degrees here today!

Welcome to springtime in New York!

Here's some cinchy things that will most likely not change interior design psychology
have put a smile on my face.

I'm joining these crazies:

in this:

Ready for some cinchy stuff?

Brace yourselves!



I know.  Hold your applause!

See that little shelf?  It's been bare wood for 60 years.  So.  I painted it yellow.  Yes.  Just the other day.
 And look what became of our breakfast nook!


Instructions for front door project:  Remove snowman ornament, toss into Christmas storage box.  Grab broken outdoor wind chime from last year, throw colorful disks over wreath.  Smile.

Instructions for painting shelf:  Early summer weather necessary.  Remove wooden shelf from wall.  Hold spray paint can upright.  Spray.  Look at drips and have not a care in the world.  Let dry.  Hang shelf in same spot.

Friday, March 9, 2012

An honest heart

One can never go wrong with an honest heart.


Honesty has its ups, downs, swirls, valleys and soap boxes.

But honest hearts, they beat gently.

They wait.

I love them.

One of my boys began writing a book yesterday.
Because he can.  

As the moment of inspiration beckoned him into position, he curled up and began with pencil in hand.

A moment.

My other son was inspired to play the drums, at the same time.

The author quietly asked if he
"do that right now". 

"Why?", asked the drummer.

"Because out here is where I have the sensation, right here in this spot."

The drummer got it.
Drummers are deep.

  He put his sticks down and built a star ship destroyer out of Legos, in his room.  

Then the author came in to tell me that "the sensation" was where the sun was shining, and the birds were chirping.

Honest hearts.


Monday, March 5, 2012

I know it's been a while


I mentioned that I would post when I got inspired.

Something hit this morning while I was reading "my morning paper".

(she did NOT do this to her pillow)

Dignity and respect for the pillow.

Pillows everywhere thank you, Karianne!
This photo came from Thistlewood Farm and 
I didn't have time to ask for permission.  But I will.

love you gals,

Disclaimer: All photos are from the World Wide Web.

Disclaimer 2:  I did NOT make a single pillow for the PILLOWPALOOZA, but was asked to join the party with this post


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