Saturday, April 7, 2012

The EASTER BUNNY target?

Because we have this

My boys do this

And this

And this

 Which makes EC do this

and this

then I do this

Instructions for Hay Bale Wall: Go to farm, buy bales of hay, carry them in your mini-van to the city, wedge them in between trees in backyard. Secure with rope.

Instructions for Target: Marry a man, give birth to two boys, purchase all archery equipment needed for sport to be Olympic style, let boys loose in back yard.  

Instructions for Bunny Target: Marry a man, give birth to two boys, create hay bale wall in backyard, shoot arrows for days on end into traditional style target......then think.....and think.....grab a hunk of Ethafoam, cut foam with old tool box steak knife (EC couldn't throw it out) into desired shape, attach bunny parts with contact cement. Let glue dry. Spray paint bunny target a pretty spring color. Wait for Easter.

Happy Easter

Hope you enjoy yours!
You know what we'll be doing!

love you gals,

ps - Yes, EC did all of the above, except for the spray painting!
*eggs designed by Sean, 8yo.


  1. That looks like so much fun and you little guys look so grown up with their archery equipment! I love Sean's eggs, too! Very cute! :)

  2. What great fun for the kids! My brother used to do archery years ago. My hubby has a cross bow and he and the boys would shot that in our back yard. Love the bunny and eggs too! So cute!

  3. When my kids were little, my mom and I took them to a Renaissance fair (not knowing what they're really like, we just thought my son who is passionate about all things history would think it was cool--I think all the usual fair-goers were wondering what the heck we were doing there!). Archery was by far my kids' favorite part! Just something about weapons...despite my generally pacifist ways! Love those pictures of your boys--

  4. Oh my... how completely adorable! You have such creative guys... loving that bale wall as well! Nice to see you at the partay. :) xo


  5. That bale target wall is too cool! My man and boy would love that! Sadly I don't know where we could put one! Happy Easter to you :) Sean's eggs are very pretty :)

  6. I hope you didn't let your boys use that cute bunny for a target.

  7. So cute. I love seeing the target practice and activity around the home... did the Easter bunny ever 'get it' in the end. Did he in fact become the target?
    Too graphic to show I know... but after all--- they ARE BOYS!


  8. Lookey you getting a comment from Miss Funky Junk herself. I link up religiously each week and get nada. Silence.

    I know I'm not funky nor junky enough for her. I sand down and paint over rust. I don't like getting tetanus shots ...



  9. I married a man but had two girls - but they would love this. Such a fun idea - but I'm afraid one of my neighbors would lose an eye!

    So glad no real bunnies were harmed during the making of this post!

  10. Hey friend! I was just reading Kirby's blog and she mentioned how you met for lunch! I was lucky enough to meet her when I went to Haven and she is wonderful!

    Miss you!

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