Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grey Accessories!

Rocked my sweet babies
in this rocking chair and rocking ottoman
some 8 and 11 years ago!

(Almost put these chairs to the curb one day)

Then I grabbed some confidence, along with a large drop cloth, 
thanks to Polly and Donna and Marian
...held my breath
and thus began the sewing adventure of a lifetime.

Work in progress

 Welting and skirt

Dancing ottoman

Tailoring details on chair back

 Here they are now
with my favorite grey accessories!

love you gals,


  1. Kolein-
    I'm starting to get the idea, that while you may have been playing hookie from blogging---you've been busy around the home...getting lots done!
    I think you little skirt makes all the difference to your dated and comfy chair!
    I also like the long ruffles...

  2. Kolein, you are so talented! I need you to come and make one for the rocking chair and ottoman that I rock my sweet babies in! Love your grey accessories, cute! :)

  3. I would not have thought that chair could be saved--but it looks great! (Not as great as those accessories, but almost! :-) I'm really impressed. And I know how you feel about the chair you rocked your babies in. I no longer really have a place for mine, but I hate to give it away. So now it's just sitting in our family room, waiting for me to find a place for it.

  4. You go, girl! I am trying a small french chair, and I am not sure it's going to pass muster. But yours looks fabulous!

  5. I've been thinking of using drop cloths for slipcovers but isn't it hard to sew through? Or are you a sewing machine babe?? I have to handsew everything, so I don't, I wrap and tuck & use safety pins & stick on velcro...

    I found you through Karianne's comment-fest & loved what you had to say. Following you now :)

    Happy Easter!

  6. Oh I have grand plans for a crazy drop cloth adventure of my very own on my sectional couch. Pleats and piping and all! And I'm scared. I'm very very scared ...

    ... but now you've given me a kernel of hope. A ray of inspiration!



  7. Kolein,


    One more time. Seriously.

    That drop cloth slipcover needs to meet my old drapes. Arranged marriage comes to mind :)

    Love this project.

    :) me

  8. I was going to say Seriously but saw that Kari did so I won't say it but I want to!!

    It looks like a brand new chair - love the details on the ottoman! Why oh why didn't I take home ec to learn to sew back in the day (oh wait, they didn't offer that class - I didn't go to school in the 50's)!


  9. Wow Kolein this looks like an entirely different chair. You are so talented at making slipcovers. Love the look.

  10. I really wish I had it in me to sew myself a wingback chair cover. maybe you've given me motivation! Thanks!


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