Friday, February 26, 2010

Light at the end of the basement!

Short Story.

From this

To this.

Long and incredibly thrilling story.
(read below!)

EC built the room.  But first, he fell off a step ladder onto the concrete floor.  Broke his arm.  Then he built the room.  With his one arm.  He rocks!

The room soon turned into this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

I tried to call it a STUDIO.  But, it wasn't.  It was an enormous eye sore. A place filled with piles upon piles.  I was sad.  I so wanted to call it a STUDIO.

Then I met Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.  She's crazy.  In a good way.  She has these linky things and workshop thingys that scare me.  But one day,  I wasn't scared.  I decided to jump in and make my space, my studio.

The following pictures and long, incredibly thrilling story are because of her.

Donna, this is for you!

"Ladies and gentlemen (there may be one out there) please allow me to introduce you to STUDIO C!
Notice the freshly painted white walls adding a lightness and flare to the previous dark, spider-ridden space.  While this room only boasts a square footage of approximately 120 and is shaped like a fat squatting "L", there is room to roam with a pencil or paint brush in hand.

The name hangs proudly at the bottom of the stairs. Wire twine molded letters along with a broken basket handle forming the letter "C", add to that a knot of hemp above the "i" showing its visitors that nature and junk are creations in and of themselves.

Right in front of you, you will notice a book on natural surroundings.  Opened for inspiration for the artist.

The table houses the sewing machine with a mirror.  No windows in this studio.  Yet the brightness reflects off the glass creating illusions of grandeur.
Next to the sewing station stands a cabinet loaded with paint supplies.

The spool holder sits atop a picnic basket from 1950, which supports other sewing supplies and acts as a table for the thread, keeping it within arms reach.

As the seamstress (me) is working, a metal cup hangs with a constant supply of mini candy bars and chocolate delights.  Hanging above, is a dish towel holder EC made in shop class in 1959.  There is a marble in between the wood that rolls.  Here is placed my tape measurer.  Handy!

Next we come upon the paint cabinet.  The drawer is the perfect size to hold small bottles of paint, standing up.

Above you will notice canning jars labeled with embellishments!

This next area contains the bulk of creative assembly.  A long table serves as a work space for making tassels, sketching, measuring and cutting fabric and the use of the laminating machine.

Newly hung pegboard serves as a rest stop for my glasses, feather duster

The Wall of Tassels

wooden boxes, baskets, trays with labels keep all my tools handy

two clip boards hang ready with lists of


A small ceramic heater keeps my lower half warm.  And should a friend visit, there is a sweet comfy chair to sit in!

The shelves store office supplies, fabric, shipping materials and an array of gift giving items

I found this file thing upstairs

and put my gift bags in it, for the ready!

Not everything went smoothly.  I was near the end of organizing the studio when I had a epiphany (note to self:  YOU don't have epiphanies).
Because I use a lot of ribbon making bookmarks....I took these, put them on a dowel and they did this
and then I did this!  

Next area is my sweet little desk, where I'm sitting right now.  It's all cleaned off.  And it's gonna stay that way.  I think.
I LOVE my garbage pail.  It's a plastic planter.  The drape behind the desk covers a small storage area underneath the stairs.

And because both my boys are budding artists there is a small table handy for them to create alongside Mommy.

That completes our tour of Studio C.

With heartfelt thanks to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.  NONE of this would have happened if it weren't for YOU!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday was a WASH so onto the Workshop Series-a day late

Did you ever just know you could do something?

You look at whatever it is, wood working, hanging a picture for the first time, sewing a pillow cover, and think I CAN DO THAT!  But the physical reality is that YOU NEVER DID!

Well, painting has been like that for me.

I spend time in art galleries and museums in awe, dreaming of how I would stroke and twirl the paint brush.  I could envision myself carrying my easel and paints to the countryside and spending sunny afternoons in the moist of the day painting the landscape in my view.

I am a bit romantic.

But, that's just who I am.

At 46.

I'm good with that.

And then, one day, I bumped into Miss Mustard Seed's blog.

And my life is forever changed.

I'm learning how to twirl my paint brush.  And I'm actually DOING IT.

Keep in mind that these little pictures of what I've done come from a novice, an infant painter, if you will.  Oh, I've painted a wall before.  And once I painted a switch plate with leaves.  But, the truth is, I've been painting my entire life in my mind.  Not anymore.  (tearing up as I type this!)

I followed her workshop on decorative painting.

Here's just the beginning!
I have to look the part.  Sorry.

I bought the paint, brushes, tools & doodads per Miss Mustard Seed.

This Shaker Cabinet was going in the yard sale this spring.
What was I thinking?  Because I'm also participating in Funky Junk's workshop

I found a spot for the cabinet in my studio for MY PAINT STUFF - because I paint now.  Because I'm a PAINTER!  EEeeeeEEEE!!!

And lo and behold, these little gems fit PERFECTLY in the drawer - standing upright.  (smile!)

I never usually just stick my toe in the cold water.  I dive in - when I'm ready.

So I painted this to start.  I don't know what it is.  But it makes me happy!

Then I moved onto these!

Tea stained bookmarks (note: the comma strokes!)

Then I bought this.

And did this.  Not my favorite.  I'm still crawling, though.

This has been in the basement for years.  It would stare at me when I went down to grab a can of beans.  In a whisper I'd hear, "Hey, you gonna do something with me?"

And one day I did this!

I'm singing, girls!

Got this little box at the thrift stop

And did this!!!!!!  "Oh happy day...."

Here's my next painting project!
Grama Anna's sewing chair! (miss you Gram)

Oh, Miss Mustard Seed, from the bottom of my heart, here's a little way to say "Thank You"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tassel Tuesday

Last week was the tutorial

Feel free to take a look

Oh so easy!

I'm a not an accessories woman.

I have a few things I really stick with.

Scarfs (or is it scarves?)

I wear them.

Pretty much all year long.

A broche now and then.

No earrings.

No baubles.

No make up, usually.

I know.  "Is she a woman?"

Well, my home is the same way.

Just a few simple things here and there.  That's all you'll ever see.  Sorry.

Tassels are one of my new treasures.

They were an inspiration one day.

So now I make them and hang them.

But not too many.

It could get frightful.  Like spiders hanging around or something!

I promised you that I would take you around and show you where you can place these sweet things.

But before I do.

I must post something for my 6 yo son.

Last week while I was inspiring to make the QUEEN that just happened by the way.  He was down in my studio with me.  Like he often is.  I like having my children with me.  Creating alongside.  They have a space where they can draw, color, tape, what have you.  Now if they are talking about Legos or Star Wars or the adventures of UnderDog I scoot them upstairs.  I can only listen to that for so long.  Remember,  I home school?

He asked if he could make a KING.  And so he did.  He picked orange.  That's his favorite color.  At least that's the color he goes to A LOT.

He asked if on Tuesday (because everyone in our home knows that Tuesdays are Tassel Tuesdays now. I can't keep things hush.  When I'm excited about something everyone within ear shot hears about it.  I have a bit of enthusiasm these days that has been dormant for a few twenty years.)  I smiled.  And said, Yes!

Here's the KING
Next to the QUEEN, of course.

Now.  Let's talk about where to put these lovelies!

By the way, I like to speak in different accents around the house.  Sometimes all day long.  The day will start off with a breakfast from France and then I'm "oui, oui-in'" the whole day through.  Today, I'm British.

Luv - a - lees!

They can go anywhere.  But you want to make sure that they aren't in the way.  Sometimes my tassels are in the way.  But we all deal with it here.

Here's where I've placed Anastasia.  Sorry.  Remember I like to name things?  (You may start to jump ship.  I'm really a nice person.  Not too far off the deep end. - there's a whole boat theme going on.  You'll see.)

Here she hangs in the Master Bedroom (ok, that's really funny - wait til we get there on the home tour!)

I love her knotted twine at the top.  I made it "chain link" style.  My dad taught it to me as a girl.  He was a Coast Guard man.  The pewter medallion was a find.  Anastasia is really large.  I'm introducing more grays into our bedroom and she's a sweet reminder of my journey toward that creative process.

Not a great picture, I realize.  I'm hoping my photography skills improve. Donna!!! at Funky Junk Interiors is having a plethora of workshops!  Yep, photography is on the list!

Have a lovely evening!
OH! I'm doing this and this tomorrow!


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