Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No, please sit down - Decorating Dilemma at Amanda's

My first time.
Bear with me, friends.

Recliners are not my fav!

Not a little.

We don't have like $16,000 laying around
for a new chair.
High end furniture stores, peh.

We looked.
At the best.
You know where those reclining chairs were?
In their own room.
Back of the store.
High end furniture stores.
Have you ever been in a large room
full of recliners?
You might
run out screaming.
(I hope this doesn't offend anyone!)
When I got married,
apparently there was a chair
in the agreement. (kidding!)

(complete with cat scratches!)
He really loved it.
What's a girl to do?
I kissed his head.
We left the store.
I was distraught.
On the inside.
Then, one night.
I saw this stretchy cover on line.
I bought it.

Threw a throw on it.
(I know, threw a throw!  I can be down right funny!)

And a throw pillow.

I know.
I hear the angels singing, too!

Disclaimer:  If I had that $16,000 we would have all new furniture.  No recliners, even those pretty ones that don't look like recliners.  They aren't comfy.  Not like this one.  From 1980.

Bye for now!
Going over to check out the other gals dilemmas at the party!



  1. Thanks for the tip! The party is still going on! You can still link up your post!

  2. Hi, Kolein. The party is still open until late tonight. I deleted your first link, the second one is fine. No need to try re-adding. :) You did fine.

    This is a great solution. Thanks for linking up! Have fun "mingling," looking at the other links. :)

  3. Aah, attack of the recliners! I would run out of that store screaming. I think you made a bad situation GREAT! Good job!

  4. Thanks so much for your support gals!!! I really love you all!!!!

  5. Looks great!

    I love "throwing" throws!

  6. You are so funny. Not feeling the recliner decorating statement either, but you've made the best of the situation. I do agree that the better looking ones are not that comfy.

  7. well done! i am so glad your enjoying the love languages on my blog! it is soooo fun to read what you wrtie! thanks alot you make my time worth it! love the cover on your chair..really great! hope to see ya tomorrow!

  8. hey one more should make your pictures bigger! then we can see the awesome details of your photos! just a suggestion! lol i love your header too!


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