Friday, February 26, 2010

Light at the end of the basement!

Short Story.

From this

To this.

Long and incredibly thrilling story.
(read below!)

EC built the room.  But first, he fell off a step ladder onto the concrete floor.  Broke his arm.  Then he built the room.  With his one arm.  He rocks!

The room soon turned into this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

I tried to call it a STUDIO.  But, it wasn't.  It was an enormous eye sore. A place filled with piles upon piles.  I was sad.  I so wanted to call it a STUDIO.

Then I met Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.  She's crazy.  In a good way.  She has these linky things and workshop thingys that scare me.  But one day,  I wasn't scared.  I decided to jump in and make my space, my studio.

The following pictures and long, incredibly thrilling story are because of her.

Donna, this is for you!

"Ladies and gentlemen (there may be one out there) please allow me to introduce you to STUDIO C!
Notice the freshly painted white walls adding a lightness and flare to the previous dark, spider-ridden space.  While this room only boasts a square footage of approximately 120 and is shaped like a fat squatting "L", there is room to roam with a pencil or paint brush in hand.

The name hangs proudly at the bottom of the stairs. Wire twine molded letters along with a broken basket handle forming the letter "C", add to that a knot of hemp above the "i" showing its visitors that nature and junk are creations in and of themselves.

Right in front of you, you will notice a book on natural surroundings.  Opened for inspiration for the artist.

The table houses the sewing machine with a mirror.  No windows in this studio.  Yet the brightness reflects off the glass creating illusions of grandeur.
Next to the sewing station stands a cabinet loaded with paint supplies.

The spool holder sits atop a picnic basket from 1950, which supports other sewing supplies and acts as a table for the thread, keeping it within arms reach.

As the seamstress (me) is working, a metal cup hangs with a constant supply of mini candy bars and chocolate delights.  Hanging above, is a dish towel holder EC made in shop class in 1959.  There is a marble in between the wood that rolls.  Here is placed my tape measurer.  Handy!

Next we come upon the paint cabinet.  The drawer is the perfect size to hold small bottles of paint, standing up.

Above you will notice canning jars labeled with embellishments!

This next area contains the bulk of creative assembly.  A long table serves as a work space for making tassels, sketching, measuring and cutting fabric and the use of the laminating machine.

Newly hung pegboard serves as a rest stop for my glasses, feather duster

The Wall of Tassels

wooden boxes, baskets, trays with labels keep all my tools handy

two clip boards hang ready with lists of


A small ceramic heater keeps my lower half warm.  And should a friend visit, there is a sweet comfy chair to sit in!

The shelves store office supplies, fabric, shipping materials and an array of gift giving items

I found this file thing upstairs

and put my gift bags in it, for the ready!

Not everything went smoothly.  I was near the end of organizing the studio when I had a epiphany (note to self:  YOU don't have epiphanies).
Because I use a lot of ribbon making bookmarks....I took these, put them on a dowel and they did this
and then I did this!  

Next area is my sweet little desk, where I'm sitting right now.  It's all cleaned off.  And it's gonna stay that way.  I think.
I LOVE my garbage pail.  It's a plastic planter.  The drape behind the desk covers a small storage area underneath the stairs.

And because both my boys are budding artists there is a small table handy for them to create alongside Mommy.

That completes our tour of Studio C.

With heartfelt thanks to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.  NONE of this would have happened if it weren't for YOU!



  1. Hi! Home late from the flea (had an awesome day) and saw your post welcoming me to blogging. Huge thank you!! Not only your kind words but your wonderful blog and your huge since of humor with your smiles gave me a huge smile!!
    Since you are new also. Do you know how to find the blog you found me on? Yep, this old cali hippy has no idea how.
    Bed time must get going but wanted to drop this thank you!
    Cheers, cindykay
    PS..I will be following you for sure to see what you are up to with that sewing machine. big grin

  2. Rock ON girl!

    I gasped when I saw your before and after side by side. WOW! Not even the same house!

    Those jars with doodads in them? All those paints just begging to be popped open? How do you stop?!? I want a crafty room!!!!

    What melted my heart? The kiddo's workstation. :) LOVE how you incorporated their little talents to work along side you.

    Kolein, I'm so very glad you've finally found a place to create. It's made you come alive and I know that passion so very well. Congrats on achieving what you set out to do!

    Next? I expect great things outa that room of yours. I'll be watching...

    Thanks for linking up to the workshop before and after event! And for being brave. :)

    FJ Donna

  3. Kolein, you aced your "STUDIO C" I love how you did that. What a trooper hubby is to build you this room with one arm. He sure is a keeper. My BF would break his arm so he wouldn't have to do it...LOL

    You did a great job it looks so cheery and bright now... can't wait to see what is next on the To Do List.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. Love your space.

    You really came quite a ways with rethinking your workspace. I love the way you used what you learned in both workshops series and incorporated it into the design of your space.

    I like the comfy chair. If I lived closer- I know I'd have a spot to sit and visit with you worked away on your tassels! LOL

  5. Your studio looks like a great place to create beautiful things !

  6. Okay, I claim the chair. Where is it you said you lived? Surely we can get together. I love, love, love your wire studio sign. I am going to do that someday, somewhere!

    Honestly, your space is amazing. And you should have been a tour guide. :)

  7. Great job creating your Studio! Your going to have hours of fun and tons of projects to make all the work worth it. It's simply fabulous!!!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D


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