Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday MakeOVER - Breakfast Room Showing

Last week I showed you my galley kitchen

Everyone thought it should be lightened up with some paint on the cupboards.

The more I stood in there, the more I agreed and then disagreed.  So I'm trying really hard to figure it out.  Is there a decorating site where one can plug in your room and have it painted?  You know, to see what it would look like?  

I know everyone here says "it's only paint" but I have this thing about doing paint projects RIGHT the first time.  Should I paint one cupboard?  I'm scratching my head on this one!!!

What I didn't show you because I was lazy, was the inside space of the pantry or butler's cupboard.

We're thinking of putting in a counter here for more workspace.  EC and I are both "chefs" and really enjoy being in the kitchen.  We can't be in there together though.  It's not pretty.

Take the doors off?  YES!!!

Ideas?  I love and appreciate them!

Now, onto the wee breakfast area

This is the view from the kitchen, pantry on the right.
Small room.  Ceramic tile continues into it.  Table cloths are the window treatments.

We home school our boys.  Some days they do their school work here.This table was a find in an antique's shop in Philadelphia.  It was originally "milky green".  My dad refinished it for us as a wedding gift!  Love you, Dad!
And there's Grama's sewing chair - waiting to be changed up a bit! 

My good friend's mom paints furniture.  I bought this sweet little blue desk and chair (for a steal!).  The fabric she chose was the same as I had on my bulletin board.  So it was "providence" that I should have it!

Notice the door.  YUKO.  Not sure if new interior doors are going in any time soon.  We have all these hollow babes throughout the house.  Any ideas?
Here are two more angles.  I'm not stuck to anything we have in here.  Placement or otherwise.  Personally I'd love to knock out the wall and open up the space into the dining area (which is our next stop!).  It's an odd shape though!

Let me know what you think!  The more radical the idea, the bigger the smile on my face!

You're the best!


  1. I would totally paint the cupboards white but I know what you mean about wanting it done would be quite a big undertaking. I'm an amateur with those things I personally wouldn't want to do that myself.
    I love the little breakfast nook! If you take the doors off your pantry it would be really cute to put curtains up with tiebacks!

  2. I haven't even read your post yet--mainly because I was laughing about you being the ball being juggled. I figured you wouldn't mind me posting twice, so here is number one. :)

  3. I hear you what you are saying about doing it right the first time. It's not the world I live in, but I am happy for you to be able to live there. Anyway, I don't know if you read the post at Cottage Instincts about narrowing down what you love in order to make good decorating decisions. It was in January, I think. I would start there.

    I would not paint the cabinets until I was absolutely, positively sure it was going to take me to where I want to be in my style. It will make you sick if you do, and it turns out that you would have been happier playing it safe. There is nothing wrong with safe. You can always make a statement without such an emotional investment. KWIM?

    I am much happier when I have *the* quirky or out of the ordinary going on. I am very happy if someone thinks I've lost my mind. I then know that I have accomplished my goal: living life creatively. :) Who wants to be like everybody else? How boring is that?

    The other site I would visit is Sara's Art House at I would never use color like she does at this stage of my life, but I love that she does. Check out her dining room from the archives. She even has different curtains on windows in the same room. Love her to death! She's wallpapered her kitchen with scrapbook paper.

    Like I said, I wouldn't do it, but oh how much fun it must be to live with such creativity! And how brave of her to do so. All that to say that you need to define where you want to go. Cut out photos, print some from blogs, and then see what makes your heart dance.

    We could advise all day, but it is you that has to ultimately choose the direction. And honestly, most people are going to give you very basic, safe advice--nothing out there like you say you want.

    That was my 42 cents. You got a lot for your money. :) I now must go back to juggling. :)

  4. Hi again Kolein, I saw your comments on my blog and when I was pregnant with my first son I was put on bedrest for a week and read my first Jane Austen novel, after that I was hooked and read them all! That was 20 years ago but it's on my to-do list to re-read them all again:)

  5. Hello Kolein just wanted to tell you there is a Benjamin Moore site that you can paint a room to see how it looks... I believe you can even upload a picture... I will do some searching for you for the link and post later.

    I agree with Denise, she gave you some really good advice... painting cupboards is not that hard, it is just a long and tedious job... research, research, research you will find what you love and when you do don't let anyone talk you out of it...

    and when you get bored you can always come to my house and cook... I have a kitchen that is never just happened to come with my house...LOL

    Hugs, Deb


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