Monday, March 22, 2010


It's a strange little space

five doors

two half bathrooms

with a bathtub in the middle

Did I mention all the doors?

It's a crazy layout.


We all manage to get clean and shiny regardless.

The door into the tub room,
coming from the hallway bathroom

Looking in at the tub from the other half bathroom
that is connected to our bedroom.

We'll get there next week.

If it weren't enough that the space was our nemesis,
the tile that we paid a fortune for bothers us.

Never looks clean.
Grout is dirty looking & falling out.
The decorative border is off center.

Those cover up shower/tubs cost between $2000 - $4000. A bit much.

Notice the border vs. the rectangular tiles.  *sigh*

Ahh!  Sorry.  This is clean, ok?  Trust me.  I scrubbed it before I took pics.  The tub is 40 years old.

Please help if you can.  I REALLY need your suggestions here.  Please.  Please!
I'm staying with white in this area.  It's such a tight squeeze for the four of us.  We never take baths.  I have a weak stomach.  Resale would be hard without a tub.  What would you suggest????

Love you.


  1. Even though you never take baths I do know people value them so for the sake of re-sale value I would keep the tub. It's a shame to get rid of the tile if it's fairly recent and expensive, can you do something with it? Maybe re-grout it or something?

  2. I would rip out the decorative tile towards the top, and replace it make it line up and then re-grout would still cost money but at least it's not a full re-do!! And if it was me....I would paint that tub (it's possible and actually looks really nice) a nice cream or white to match and get a new shower-head and new bath would make it look newer that it is.
    Or...if you find 4 grand stashed somewhere, just start anew!! LOL just kidding. I think that would help a lot. :)

  3. Do you have anyone in your area that refinishes tubs? My brother had someone come out and apply a new finish on top of his bathtub and tiles. Not sure of the cost, but it might be worth checking on.

    I found you via a comment at The Nester. Nice to meet you :)

  4. Hey Kolein,
    To be honest, it's a nice tub. Cast iron I bet. I would do what Lisa suggets and have it re-enameled white. Your tile is really nice and would go great with a white tub.

  5. How on earth did I miss this post yesterday?

    Ok... That tub is it pink?
    I think it is reflecting a pink hue against the tile.
    I too would investigate and see if there is anyone in the area that does this work. Re-enamling the tub.

    I bet once that is done. The tile will look a lot different.
    You can re-grout the tile and if you felt adventurous you could tear out the decorative tile and re-do it too.

    You could just staple the shower curtain shut!

    that's all I got.

  6. Hi Kolein,
    I am a home stager here in Greenville, I don't advertise it on my blog because I de-staged my last home in December, to concentrate on homeschooling. Anyway, I did it for 9 years, whew!
    I don't recommend taking out the old tub. People like old fixtures, but what you should do is have it re-enameled, in white (classic) to match the toilet and sink. Here in G'ville it costs around $400-$500. Here is an article about it:,,197046,00.html

    Also, I think the tile is pretty, neutral and classic. Just re-grout it with a darker grout. Something with a dark-greyish brown color.

    You could replaces the shower head/spigot and knobs, too, but if the house is as old as the tub, the plumber will have to probably cut through the tile to get at you copper piles to change the fittings to fit today's fixtures.

    I think with those changes, the bathroom will last at least another 10-15 years for you and others.
    And one more thing, ALWAYS use the manufacturer's recommended cleaner for the surface of your new tub. Improper cleaners through the years have ruined the surface of the enamel, making it susceptible to staining.
    My two cents.
    I dealt with this issue in a home I staged back in December. Maybe I'll post about it? Now there's a thought :)
    (I think I will do that- look for a post about it in a day or two...)
    I love you, too.

  7. I have to agree with the previous coments, see if you can at least whiten the grout and there are services that can reenamel sinks and tubs and it might be your cheapest option. Best of luck.

  8. First you must try Kaboom. Surely you've read my umpteen posts on the product---love,love, love it! Trust me when I tell you that my grout (40 years or so old) looked horrid and that stuff made it look brand new. Even your tub is not hopeless. I would, however, have it refinished if it's in the budget. I plan on doing mine when my ship comes in. My friend did it and loves the result.

    Try Kaboom and/or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on that tub and let me know. I would come and do it myself if you were a wee bit closer. I just love Kabooming things. :)


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