Monday, March 29, 2010

Madness Monday MakeOVER

OK, gals.

Here is the Master Bathroom!

Hilarious that it's called that.

It's really a powder room with a door into our bedroom.

Mine and EC's.

Here's the door into our room.

This toilet room boasts a square footage of about 35.  Tiny room to share with EC - who you may remember is close to 6 feet tall.  Me, too.

"Who thought of this layout?" I'll never get the answer to that question.

I'm standing practically in the tub right now to get this shot.  The door on the right goes into our other toilet room.  Hee.

Here's another look.  I changed it UP in here about 8-10 years ago.  Who remembers specifically.  I was pregnant and nesting at the time.

Toilet in front (or behind) the sink, depending on where you're standing.  Notice the dual colors.  The proverbial THEY don't make this yellow anymore.  
I painted the brown cabinet white & did this skirt because there were 2 HUGE doors on this vanity that opened into the room and would put gashes in our shins!!  Do we have enough doors in our house???  Whatcha think?  I'm calling Jim Morrison.  Oh, I can't.  Well, I'll sing one of his songs instead.

Toilet and a view into our backyard.  Now who thought of this?  Either way, girl or boy, you can't go #1 or #2 with a window in back (or in front of you depending on who you are) when you use the loo.  Crazy.  My husband picked this house out way before we were married.  This is not to put him down in anyway.  I don't do that silly stuff.  He bought the house for the trees.  Yep.  All three boys use those too!  Isn't this funny???

I'm sitting on the toilet right now.  Not like that!  Using it like a chair.  OK?
Here's my foot just to give you a perspective on how close the other two doors  and tub are (well, it's one door, but it opens/closes into both rooms)!

I put the border up many years ago.

Hung Gauguin's painting of The Washerwomen

next to the toilet.

And put up an oil EC's Aunt did.  A farm pic in the bathroom?  I don't know.  The colors looked nice.  Hung a cute shelf with a tin mirror to look at the back of my hair.  (you needed to know that, right?)

Some hooks for towels.
And called it a day!

Here's the view into our bedroom!

That's Lily on the bed.

There you have it folks.  The Master Bath.  Love your thoughts, ideas, anything you might want to say...shout it out at me!!!

Plans here are to get new toilets, sinks and paint the walls.  We were going to gut the place, but we don't have the stomach for it!

Have a gooday!


  1. Wow! I've missed my Kolein fix while I was away. So, he bought it for the trees? That's what I said about that shack that we once lived in. Sounds like a good reason to me. But who am I anyway? We have a room in our house with seven doors and a fireplace. That about takes care of the wall space! I have no idea what the room was originally--other than confused. I am fresh out of ideas, but I wish you much creativity and inspiration and good deals to make your little loo dreams come true. I just got back from Disney so what did you expect? It's a small world after all. hehehe

  2. Wellllll.....I would paint the counter tops. But that's just me, I like a challenge (aka cheap) I saw this
    and knew that it could be done!! I'm doing this to my bathroom counter top shortly and I'll post any snags I run into!!
    (But if you like those counter tops, I'm not knocking them :D )

  3. You are a nut!
    I love quaint old bathrooms!
    I personally would paint the doors white. Perhaps even adding moulding first.
    I put moulding on the walls in my dining room and it was easy peasy.
    Moulding around the mirror would be sweet, too, and again, with a plain ol' saw and glue- it's easy.
    You could also hang a cafe' curtain on the window if you're weirded out by the thought of being seen?
    And I love the name Lily for a pet! We had a parakeet named Lily that flew faster than we could run one day when the back door was open. Oops!
    By the way, your sleigh bed is just lovely!
    Blessings on your home~

  4. Howdy sweets!
    Check craigslist for everything you need to save some moola. I just bought a vintage 1930 deep tub for my guest bathroom for $20 and to refinish the glaze by someone else $250. A lot for me to spend BUT I love soaking in the old ones. My small master bathroom I bought a Victorian claw foot for would you believe $50 that needed nothing done to it. Hog heaven I was!
    PS...huge thank you and a hug for liking my blog! Did you see the new design? Tell me honestly what you think.


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