Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Madness! The bathroom

Last week was the dining room and living room space.  All one area.  Some of you commented on the curved sofa.  The uniqueness of it.  Pam, from Becolorful, thought it was "stylin".  I never thought of myself as that.  That comment made me cock my head a bit different.  Hmmm!  Thanks, Pam!

The suggestion about angling the armoire was great!  My friend, Ginger, is coming over and we are having a "revamping day" in my living space.  I'm hoping it's tomorrow.  I wish it was today!

Since I make slip covers NOW!  (butterflies-in-my-stomach-so-excited about this! Eeek!) I'm going to dive in and TRY to make one for the sofa.  I love the elegance of the sofa.  But it's time for a change.  Speaking of change.....well, I'll leave that for another day!

Once you leave the living room you can either leave the house through our very tight entry way or go down our hallway - bathrooms and beds located there.
The entry way on the right, hallway on the left.

First door on the left, powder room-bathroom-place with a toilet-wash room-crazy four doored room.  The layout of this room has me perplexed.  People come in say, "Oh, I like this layout".  Not if you lived here with four people.  Two of which are close to 6 feet tall and the other two are energetic bouncy kind of boys!

You walk in
Not too bad.  Needs to be updated!  Pat, from Casual-Cottage, has some amazing 70's light fixtures.  I relate.  Well.
Here's the toilet and begins the doors.  Walk through the door on the left, need to take a shower or grab a towel? Walk through the next door, straight ahead, Need to go and see what Mom or Dad are doing? Go through the door on the right into their teeny toilet area.  Need some privacy?  Close the door on the right to this bathroom area.  CRAZY.  The Doors.  I can hear Jim Morrison singing!

We NEED to get new toilets.  Check.  They're from 1970.  Pat!!!!

We need new floors.  Check.  Yep, the 70's.
We need to do something here.  I painted the cabinet 10 years ago. It was this dark brown color.  Btw, it's fake wood.  Plastic composite.   

New light fixtures. New sink, faucet.  Wow.  Lots to do here. We were going to gut this place this spring.  Our contractor won't give us a quote yet.  It's probably like $40,000 or something.

Here's some of what I did 10 years ago - just to get it looking OK.

Painted some shelves, added hooks for towels.  Took down the brass towel bar that was there!  UGH!
Gave it a nautical-water theme.  The boys use this room and our guests.

Covered the medicine cabinet door with denim. Hot glued small wooden paddles in it.  Hung some pics of the boys at the beach and in the tub.

Canoe picture, painted the oval mirror.
Dual colored toilet.  They DON'T MAKE THIS COLOR ANY LONGER IN TOILETS. So we go for the multi color decor here.

Baskets for hand towels.  Box for Q-tips.  Nautical clock. Carved wooden fish, my dad made out of an old barn stall door.  Donna, you may be his daughter!

Shells from Maine hot glued in a shadow box.  For some reason, I remember, this really impressed EC, that I did this!  (we don't get out much!)

This was the best I could do at the time.  I was pregnant and in shock.  Overall it's been ok.  But we NEED to do some updating.  OK, girls, I really appreciate everything you say.  Even if it is only to say HI and that your brain is squish!
And we are not gutting it.  Decision made.

I love blogging!


  1. It won't take any where near $40,000 to fix that bathroom! I just did mine for under $100!

    If I were you--which I am not able to be mainly because I'm too short--I would invest in a really neat sink/vanity and mirror (You could frame out the mirror with wood or old tin.). Of course, snazzy lighting is a must as well (not necessarily new). Get a new toilet (no way around this one) and paint--stained door and all--and accessorize!

    I always start with an inspiration piece, be it a shower curtain, painting, fabric swatch, etc. If you can't afford to replace the floor, then work with it and use area rugs.

    I am about to do my bathroom reveal. It's only taken . . . well, too long, but I'm almost there!

  2. I offer no suggestions! I just tell you that you crack me up and I feel like I am actually there in your bathroom with you.(not the main place I want to be with you, Kolein)

    I know that a woman who can sew slipcovers is way up high on my list!! I'm getting my sewing machine fixed and can't wait to learn how to sew. I need someone to teach me...


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