Saturday, April 13, 2013

Age and Friends, A Friendlier Version of North and South

Age and Friends, A Friendlier Version of North and South

Two people met one day a few years ago in a most peculiar way
We were laughing our heads off
on the internet
Is that a site or what?
Then we embraced, on the world wide web
entwined's a crazy happening...unlike spiders
we became friends
She's older than me. Today's her birthday.
Have you ever met someone before that you knew you knew but never knew
until you knew her and then met her in real life and then were certain you knew each other?
Yeah. That's how it is.
It's an unexplainable friendship
For one, she lives in the south.
I, in the north. Oh don't get your guns all in a tether.
The separation is merely in miles.
Friendship is like that.We don't see each other or talk much or visit often.
A match made in Heaven is what I say...but I digress!
Now I'd like to tell you what our lives would be like if the north merged with the south in a
modern day continental shift.

"What? You didn't! Where? With Ruffles! O.M.Goodness
Seriously....I love that on you....oh who cares what they say....
I mean really we are HIS ART, not theirs and just who are they anyway?
LOVE your hair! Are you sure you should be on the AARP mailing list?
Do you have a birth certificate – is it authentic? Has anyone seen it?
Like as in touched it and felt the raised seal?
Just asking....what, this old thing? Came from Le Thrift!
Sure I'll be right over....yeah I have some carrots and celery, bring them and marjoram, ok?
Can you show me how to make those pants sometime? Great."

Because of distance and life and living we are not as close as one would hope,
but you can feel it, sense it, whenever we connect there is a truth, an honest experience,
where there's fun and depth...for now it's North and South, joined in heart.
Never afraid to be ourselves. Let the chips fall where they may!
The color of my friend's world has changed. Perhaps those bright color Picasso's are
more like the muted landscape of a Monet where up close it appears like a splatter of
paint yet the wider view is a glorious picture so perfect you wouldn't even believe your eyes!
I love my friend. I wanted to let her know today, on her birthday, that time and distance are
nothing to what is true! Happy Birthday, Denise!
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