Friday, March 8, 2013

and then there are SIGNS

I'm not a sign maker
I wasn't until I actually painted a sign


I'm a sign maker

bathroom redo Spring 2012
reveal coming soon

I think my friend Ginger saw this sign, thought I was a sign-maker and then asked me to make a plethora of signs for her wedding this past January
to be on display
for everyone to see
400+ everyone at the church
(there were definite sign makers there - real ones)
not counting the staff at the country club

I'm realizing that prayer is truly the only way for me to 
~jump off the cliff~
and do these sorts of things

Oh but wait
I needed to use glitter too
I've never used glitter in the
(insert Irish accent) 
"whole of my life"

I jumped
And isn't wonderful that when you imagine that you're not something
then you do it

Photo montage begins now....

chandelier graphic was purchased on ETSY

the bottom two frames were NOT used at the wedding
I was a bit slaphappy at this point and starting reciting poetry
I think it's can be dishwater
and it can also be wine

then I got some glitter in my eyes

this one was BIG

 every sign was glittered

the larger signs were hand lettered, hand painted

love you gals,

This little sweetness is what I'm working on next with one of 
the best people in all the land


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