Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The slipcover that moves!

Remember this?

This is her new DO!

She rocks back and forth

with a little more pizzazz now!

I'm working on her partner

after I tackle the flooded basement...........
I can't even........

Have a dry night,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Up next......

for many reasons,
on this occasion,

The chair below was the very comfy, extremely ugly chair we bought as I carried our first son in my womb.  I agreed to it knowing full-well that it was the ugliest thing I'd ever laid eyes on.  Then I sat in it.
My lower back made sounds...of relief and joy.
I was a high-end furniture rep.
How could I purchase this chair and put it in our nursery for our sweet little angel and walk by it 100 times a day and not feel like I'd committed a designer faux pas
or worse, some crime?

I'm so glad it didn't go to the curb.
The day the chair was almost curbside, EC said, (I believe with tears forming in his eyes), "This is the chair you nursed our sons in, this is the chair we sat in to read to our babies, the chair that we slept in as our babies lay on our chests, you want to get rid of it?"
What kind of mother am I?

So.  The chair stayed.
So did the moving ottoman.  No. I can't even call this an ottoman.  I'm sorry.
It's a hassock.  Or footrest or footstool.
  Imagine at 3 in the morning, holding baby, rocking in this gentle motion, both body and legs and feet back and forth in the most rhythmic about sleep!
Oh goodness....all design statements was/is the most glorious motion your body would EVER need.  And the entire seat reclines.
The chair cost over $500.
Eleven years ago.

(thank goodness no little hands or legs got caught in this contraption)

I'm slipcovering this set in drop cloth.  Hopefully with some cording and fancy skirts.
Wish me luck.
(see you in 9 months)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slipcover On and Off VIDEO

First of all, thank you so much for your kind words regarding my
wing back chair slipcover!

My heart was singing!
Some friends were curious about how the slipcover went on and off
without zippers or ties.

Here's the video that I did today to show you the simplicity.

I'm all for simplicity!

(same one as above!)
(I was having trouble getting the video uploaded)

Let me know what you think!

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The SlipCover that almost wasn't!

 Some of you may know that recently I started sewing real things.
*standing ovation please for Polly at Make Mine Beautiful*

Pillows were pretty much the ONLY thing I sewed for years.  And they came out ONLY when I managed to sew a straight line OR glue the fourth side properly.  I kid you NOT.

I do not follow patterns.  EVER.  They are scary.  Truly.

But I do like to get started.  Quickly.  I don't do things very efficiently at first.  If ever.  You know, like most of you here.  I'm ONLY repeating what I've read.

So without further ado...

here's the wing back slipcover



I could have saved so much time, energy, tears, gnashing of teeth...quits and restarts.

However, this is the way things turn out.

I am saving Marian's tutorial forever.

You should, too.

You know if you EVER want to know how to make a slipcover.  EVER.
It's so straight forward and easy to follow that I almost started crying when I saw all the needless EFFORT that I put into this 9 month project.
(ok I did not work on this daily, but IT worked on my brain daily.  Just about.)

On the upside:
I have learned so much by just diving into this project.  Not only sewing and seam ripping experience, but things about MYSELF that are priceless and will remain anonymous - only EC knows what 'trouble I've seen'.

Here's the before:
I got this from CL because I wanted to try my hand at slipcovering a wingback without spending a lot of money.

 Here's what the chair looks like as of today.
(the slipcover fresh out of the drier)
I will be painting the legs white at some point.

No welting this time around.  I just wanted to see if I could do the cover with all the wings and arms and t-cushion and ruffles!
This is a complete slipcover without any zippers or ties, just slip on and slip off!

(If you recall my first EVER slip - this fabric is the same - just the underside.
I like both the grey and the white)

Let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet dreams and naps

Are they ALL so wonderful?

I think so.


her sweet mom
sent these to me,
just because!

Amy had mentioned on her blog that her mom made her satin pillow covers and then I mentioned that I had heard so much about these and wondered where I could get them.
Then Amy says, "We'll send you some!!!"

Get out?

I jumped for joy!
Isn't that the sweetest thing to do?
I was so deeply touched!

So the box arrived.
I opened it up to this gorgeous gift!

I may just get back into napping.

Thank you Amy, and Mom, for treating me so special!
It means so much!
You'll never know!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to do when there's no water in the house!

Go on an impromptu field trip!
While EC was working hard reconfiguring water pipes in the basement and I was re-configuring my life again upstairs, I decided that since we can't take showers, brush our teeth, or flush, we might just go outdoors and hang in the sunshine for a few hours!
Nobody outside cares whether we've showered or not.

This hawk certainly did not.
She/he flew over us twice.
Swooping back and forth.
What to do when the sun in SHINING IN OUR EYES?
Simply close your eyes and smile.
(they thought this was the bomb!)

We began our hike through the crusted marsh
following deer tracks all along the way.

I find that I take pictures with my blogging friends in mind now.
This reminded me of some of you and your blogs.
There are many of these wooden bridges throughout the park.        

This was a rusted old farm vehicle from back in the day, just sitting here in the ice.
Normally, I would NOT be interested in this.
See what some of you Funky rust people are doing to me!

Give the boys a tree branch and call it a field trip, is what I say!
They had the most fantastic time poking through the ice!

Onward! Young men!

Look at this Mom!
Take a picture!
This is the remains of a dead tree stump.  About 10 inches of it protruding from the sheet of ice and it looks like part of the landscape from The Lord of the Rings!
 When our hike was complete we wondered around the HANSEN NATURE CENTER
and gazed at the many varieties of animals indigenous to the area.
The animals are wildly displayed taxidermies!
The boys got to pet the fish and turtles, too.  (kidding!)

Thank you,
for providing us with a place to enjoy
no matter the season
the reason!

Here's another photo of the path we were on, in the spring or summer.
It's a beautiful place anytime of the year!
photo from Tinker Park website

lovin' the outdoors!

oh, and the water is back on!


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