Thursday, March 24, 2011

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for many reasons,
on this occasion,

The chair below was the very comfy, extremely ugly chair we bought as I carried our first son in my womb.  I agreed to it knowing full-well that it was the ugliest thing I'd ever laid eyes on.  Then I sat in it.
My lower back made sounds...of relief and joy.
I was a high-end furniture rep.
How could I purchase this chair and put it in our nursery for our sweet little angel and walk by it 100 times a day and not feel like I'd committed a designer faux pas
or worse, some crime?

I'm so glad it didn't go to the curb.
The day the chair was almost curbside, EC said, (I believe with tears forming in his eyes), "This is the chair you nursed our sons in, this is the chair we sat in to read to our babies, the chair that we slept in as our babies lay on our chests, you want to get rid of it?"
What kind of mother am I?

So.  The chair stayed.
So did the moving ottoman.  No. I can't even call this an ottoman.  I'm sorry.
It's a hassock.  Or footrest or footstool.
  Imagine at 3 in the morning, holding baby, rocking in this gentle motion, both body and legs and feet back and forth in the most rhythmic about sleep!
Oh goodness....all design statements was/is the most glorious motion your body would EVER need.  And the entire seat reclines.
The chair cost over $500.
Eleven years ago.

(thank goodness no little hands or legs got caught in this contraption)

I'm slipcovering this set in drop cloth.  Hopefully with some cording and fancy skirts.
Wish me luck.
(see you in 9 months)


  1. Ha! 9 months...LOL... hilarious. Such a cute little history there. Now she is getting a makeover... can't wait to see it.

  2. Good luck, you can do it and even if it's 9 months, it's only fitting you know?lol I gave my prized rocking chair to a new mom that has been our friend for a couple of years. She was only 19 and in college trying to make it all work, so I wanted it to go to someone that would cherish it as much as me. Now I am sniffing right along with you and EC :)

  3. Go slipcover queen... go! Such a sweet story!! :)

  4. You are an ole softy! You keep up the slipcover momentum and you'll have it done in no time!

  5. Nice work, both the blog and the slipcovering. Our furnishings have a history, too, and are well worn thanks to our three boys. We look at the sofa and see the wear and remember the jumping, the sleeping, the wrestling. We look again and see, wait, what is that? Chocolate? Who was eating in the living room again? Anytime you want to practice your upholstery techniques, our furniture awaits you!

  6. ROFLOL! Nine months sounds reasonable to me. We've been working on our ceiling for 19 months now. And there is no end in sight.

  7. I am so sure you can make that chair and foot rest look beautiful with some fabric and then you can keep it for a long time. I too have the rocking chair we rocked our children in.

  8. What a great project, I think it's lovely that you decided to keep the chair :) I'm a sentimental old softy too!!


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