Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to do when there's no water in the house!

Go on an impromptu field trip!
While EC was working hard reconfiguring water pipes in the basement and I was re-configuring my life again upstairs, I decided that since we can't take showers, brush our teeth, or flush, we might just go outdoors and hang in the sunshine for a few hours!
Nobody outside cares whether we've showered or not.

This hawk certainly did not.
She/he flew over us twice.
Swooping back and forth.
What to do when the sun in SHINING IN OUR EYES?
Simply close your eyes and smile.
(they thought this was the bomb!)

We began our hike through the crusted marsh
following deer tracks all along the way.

I find that I take pictures with my blogging friends in mind now.
This reminded me of some of you and your blogs.
There are many of these wooden bridges throughout the park.        

This was a rusted old farm vehicle from back in the day, just sitting here in the ice.
Normally, I would NOT be interested in this.
See what some of you Funky rust people are doing to me!

Give the boys a tree branch and call it a field trip, is what I say!
They had the most fantastic time poking through the ice!

Onward! Young men!

Look at this Mom!
Take a picture!
This is the remains of a dead tree stump.  About 10 inches of it protruding from the sheet of ice and it looks like part of the landscape from The Lord of the Rings!
 When our hike was complete we wondered around the HANSEN NATURE CENTER
and gazed at the many varieties of animals indigenous to the area.
The animals are wildly displayed taxidermies!
The boys got to pet the fish and turtles, too.  (kidding!)

Thank you,
for providing us with a place to enjoy
no matter the season
the reason!

Here's another photo of the path we were on, in the spring or summer.
It's a beautiful place anytime of the year!
photo from Tinker Park website

lovin' the outdoors!

oh, and the water is back on!


  1. Beautiful post, Kolein! Oh, how I wish I was out there walking with you. What is it with boys and poking things with sticks? Mine are the same way. Your boys are soooo cute! I wonder how you could get that rusty remainder of a farm vehicle, home? LOL Yes, it's the funky junk! Thanks for sharing your day via shower free! Now, go brush your teeth :)


  2. Beautiful pics Kolein!! Love the Lord of the rings reference... now was that from the boys are did you think of that?? It really does look like one of those places!! Love that shot of the hawk... very cool! Thanks for the walk in the park!

  3. Kolein, those are great pictures. The boys look like they had a fun time. I love the look of that trail. Very mysterious looking. You'll have to take us back for more pics in the spirng!

  4. Kolein~
    I know the feeling about water pipes, cold temps and lack of water...

    Nice to see you weren't completely snowed in; at least you could get out stretch your legs. Take in some BEAUTIFUL SCENERY.
    Love that picture of the Hawk.

    The boys looks as though they had a great time.


  5. Kolein those are lovely pictures. Isn't amazing how the snow makes everything look so different.
    Glad your water is back on.

  6. Beautiful photographs Kolein! What a lovely day without water! Glad to hear the water is back on now :)

  7. Wow! Those shots are amazing. Impromptu field trips are the best! And I agree that blogging makes you look at things differently. :) One of these days I may have to try my hand at that again. hehehe <3

  8. Yep, those boys are still cute as ever! I think our gang would be like 5 peas in a pod!

    Hope your week is good, my sweet! Can't wait to see your slipcovers. They make me drool! Good thing they are washable :)


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