Thursday, February 17, 2011


I realize the title has nothing to do with a kitchen table or decorating or sewing.
Does it have to?
I think not.

My H's are raging or sagging or screaming or burning.

I don't know what to do about it.

Peri-menopause has hit.

I'm a sweaty, moody, brain fogged, heart racing mess
at times.

This isn't fair.

What to do?

Do you gals know?

I feel like I'm Wonder Woman one minute 
and the next
I'm could crumble into a heap on the floor.

Fluctuations, you say?

I get that.

But does anyone have a clue what to do, who to see, how to deal with this?

My female indicator light is ON.

I am woman.

In Native American cultures of the past, the elder women who were going through their change were served and cared for by the younger woman of the tribe.  They got to lay down - like all day long.

I don't have a tribe.

Where do I get one?

Do they exist any more?

Do YOU have one?

And then there's the
Black Cohosh

 Wild Yam cream




Spirulina Algae

  I get agita from ALL this stuff.

Eat your greens.
Eat some protein.

I eat so healthy just standing next to me may cause a vitamin surge.

Burn fat.
Get the endorphins going.

Should I eat some more junk?
More fat?

I love fat and feel great when I indulge in a couple slices of bacon.  My brain gets 'centered'.
Should I go to the drive-thru's a couple times a week?
I really don't want to.  But I will if you say so.
I'm that desperate.

Are there any good books on the subjects or health care practitioners that you'd recommend? 

I'll drive.  I don't care where they are.

I HATE feeling like this.

I'm starting to experience vertigo whenever I go to a store.  Only stores.  Are menopausal women not supposed to shop?  According to NA cultures, apparently not.  They are supposed to lay down.  I can't lay down.  Yet, I want to lay down, just to get the spinning to stop.

I can't remember anything anymore.  I remember my sons' names, sometimes, and who I am.  But things like......what was I just going to type?  LIKE THAT.  Things like that!

I know it may sound funny.  But I HATE this.  And I hate it that I HATE it.  God made me a woman.  Obviously it's part of HIS plan that I go through this.

My doc thinks I'm depressed and should go on some meds.  NOT.  I got depressed when she suggested that, yes?  But I wasn't feeling depressed before.

Then I tried a Kinesiologist.  NOT.  AGAIN.
Drank flower essences until I started to bloom and NOTHING.

I'm reaching out to YOU.  You may have an answer.  A suggestion.  Or know the name of a good medicine man.  Leave me his number.


love you gals,


  1. I feel you Kolein... I never got hormonal before I had kids, it was like after I gave birth for the first time my hormones were all of a sudden switched on. I don't think I'm anywhere near menopause yet but I can certainly relate to the things you're talking about... mood swings, memory (what memory?!) and wanting to lie down all the time. Or sit, at least.

    Oddly enough, my man is so supportive of me and will go out of his way to do anything which will make my life easier, BUT, when I get hormonal each month he AND the kids will all wind me up and then when I lose control and start freaking out they all look at me like I am a total nut! Thanks guys!

    I'm sorry I haven't really got any helpful tips or anything, just sympathy :)

  2. Hi Kolein!

    I'm so happy that you're back! I hope you had a wonderful vacation! I'm sorry that you're experiencing these feelings. It's very hard to be a woman, no?! Oh girl, I wish I knew of something that could help. All I can suggest is exercise to increase the happy hormone (endorphins). It's a bit redundant since you already suggested that. Well, hang in there! I'm here, as your friend :)

  3. OK... OK... OK.... 1st of all: CALM DOWN!!!!!! JUST BREATHE!!!!! it is.............THE ANSWER IS..................... just give into it... go with it....................let it happen..........let it take place.... it will go away in a few years!!! Just kidding... I don't know girl... I'm not there yet. SORRYYYYYYYYYYY BFF!! I hate it for you!! I do... really! :( :( :( But I will message you with a possible idea to ask the doctor...

  4. I feel your pain. I'm not totally out of control. Yet. I do have my moments though. Did you see a GYN? Mine did a blood test to check my levels and they were not to terribly out of wack. Yet. But she wanted me to know about hormones and that they are available when needed. I didn't feel like I needed them. I would rather not if I didn't have to. There are hormone creams you can try too. And yeah, she mention anti depressants as a temporary help too. Not something I thought I needed either. Hang in there. I saw something funny the other day. I'll have to find it and I'll send it to you!

  5. Here you go sweetie, have a laugh or two!
    here's the trailer:

    There's a web site too:

  6. Oi! Well my friend, I've been going through peri-menopause for about 9 years now. Not fun is an understatement. However, I just want to be sure that you have had your thyroid checked. So many of my friends have been diagnosed with PM and then later find out it was thyroid all along. If you haven't had it checked, tell the doctor you want a COMPLETE thyroid workup, including a Reverse T3. Rule that out first before you go any further. If it's thyroid, a little bitty pill will fix that. And don't settle for 'your thyroid is in line" - ASK YOUR NUMBERS. Normal is 1-4, but one of my doctors told me that if your numbers come back higher than 2.5, you should start medicating. Mine started out at 5.7, and after taking medicine for a month, it was down to 4, and now three years later it's less than 2. But I'm still peri-menopausal too.

    Now, if you go through all that and it's definitely NOT your thyroid, let me know - I'll start immediate prayer for you! :)

    I'll email you my solution........because a lot of people won't agree with it, and I don't want to start a debate here in the comments section. :)

  7. I started peri-menopause at 39. The only thing that helped me was soy and birth control pills.
    Not at the same time. It is a lack of hormones that is cause all this havoc. Soy has a type of plant protein that is similar to estrogen. I first started taking the BC pills for my migraines and stayed on them after my first bone scan. At 48 my bone density was already low. I know there is a whole lota of controversy about hormone replacement but I honestly I would rather live a shorter life than go thru that hormonal hell for another 30 years.
    So go see a gyn and tell her how bad your symptoms are and see what she recommends.
    Best of luck.

  8. I cut out sugar and carbs....and feel sooo much better.

    Ann Louise Gittelman, has a good book out ~ Before the Change: Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause

  9. a friend of mine recommended the books of Christiane Northrup, M.D. Maybe your local Library could get them for you to take a peak? I live in Canada, HRT is very controversial here too. The same friend, that recommended the books, went with homeopathy.

  10. Oh dear, I feel so bad for you. I haven't experienced any of this yet, but I know it will come anytime. The vertigo thing, is that related to it? I thought that was something else entirely. Didn't Donna suffer from vertigo? Gail did too at one point. You may want to check with them.
    Polly is right about thyroid, it could be the culprit. My sis had a lot of trouble with that. Curiously enough, too much soy protein seemed to trigger it. Apparently if your thyroid is out of whack soy is a bad thing.
    I wish I could help you, you've got me scared to death about what's coming, that's for sure!
    Hope you can find a balance soon.
    I've heard it comes and goes, sometimes going away for months? Let's hope for that.

  11. I yell at my neighbors, fuss at my kiddos and deprive my husband of whoopie and I feel a TON better! ; ) Just teasing.......I DON'T yell at my neighbors : ) Honestly, my sister has been going through this. She started using Arbonne (all natural cosmetics) creme for menopause.....or ladies hormones or something like that. No lie.....she was having a terrible time. Her hormones have always been messed up and they even tried to get pregnant for over ten years. Started the creme......hormones leveled....mood swings stopped and........ she got pregnant at 40...chalked it up to miracle.....just got pregnant again at 43 ; ) So.....we believe that the arbonne creme evened out her hormones but be careful about getting pregnant. If you want to try, the lady we buy through is Leah Arbonne . She honestly doesn't even know I'm commenting. Her name is Leah. Tell her Rebecca McDonald sent you. Good luck. You poor thing! I am getting some for myself as well soon!

  12. Sorry....ladies name is Leah...not Arbonne ; ) Her email though is Leah Arbonne
    If you don't try that...share your secrets. Good luck!

    Ugh! sorry ; )

  14. Hope you are feeling better! Lezlee

  15. I am so sorry! Love you, my friend.


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