Friday, February 4, 2011

Gitter Done on the Gulf Side!

  This is a unique GITTER DONE

But then again, isn't everything unique here in blog land?

Well, my Gitter Done, this time around involves our long overdue vacation!  It was an impromptu vacation.  That never happens.  EC suggested, "Let's go to the Gulf!"  I thought about it for a minute.....

With no real commitment or intention to blogging while we were gone, I couldn't pass this up.  Marianne's depending on us, right?
So gals, my GITTER DONE this Friday is...

  • packed lightly for 4 people for a two week stint over 1000 miles away from home
  • plan travel and accommodations for our 2.5 day drive down to the Gulf of Mexico
  • visit with some blogging buddies on the way down and back
Then this crazy thing happened on our way down here.
Driving through Alabama, right?  The crazy-of-all-crazy things happened.
It was the last bit of the trip.
We were just minutes from the Gulf.

And well....
The video will tell the rest of the story.
(the voice does not match the apologies...I tried several different ways to upload and the voice was still off...poo!
and at the end of the video I wave and say, "Hi, Marianne!")

I'll be checking in now and then...and you can always find me on Facebook!
Have a great weekend!

love you gals,


  1. Only in Alabama or Tennessee is that a slogan that is used very frequently.

    You actually sounded a little like me when you said it, Kolein. I do have my strong southern accent, you know.

    You will have to let me know if you got to meet any of our blogging buddies on your trip.

    Have fun!

  2. Hey, it's Keith. Watch this: :)

  3. Very cute missy!! Road trip video... yay!! Love the hat! How funny! Sadly... the comedian... The Cable Guy made that the saying of The South... Have you seen him? He portrays this country red guy that says Gitter Done all the time in his gig!! And he's not even from the south!! Hahaha! Hope you guys are having a great time! I know you are... :)

  4. A spontaneous trip - what fun!! Good for you. Too funny. Gitter done, Kolein...still laughing. :)

  5. Oh how fun! I'm envious of both the vacation and the cool hat. I think you should send one to Marianne!
    Enjoy yourself and think of us suffering in the cold and snow back home once in a while. K?

  6. Enjoy! Take those opportunities whenever they come your way.
    Pam @ BeColorful

  7. Wow what a hoot. We should get a ton of them and give them out as prices to people who have Gitter Done!
    I hope you are having a wonderful vacation and I think it is one worthy Gitter Done! project.
    Love your cap!!!!!!


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