Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday MakeOVER

OK, last week we went through the breakfast room.  On our way we stopped at the pantry.  Great ideas were suggested here.  I love them!  Especially softening up the space with curtains in place of the doors!!  And putting in a work area via a counter top!

Breakfast Room:  A sweet little stop with two small desks and an oval kitchen table (where the name of this blog came from).  Next to this small room is another not too large room/area - the dining room.  That's what I call it.  It's really just the other end of the living room.  Not ideal.  But, I am ever-so grateful to have a dining area.  I am.

Here's the wall.  Between the breakfast room and the dining room.  I want to knock it out.  So does EC.  But then we have this long area.  Two windows.  Not bad.  But how to put a table there?  We keep staring at the wall.  Tearing it down in our mind.  Finding a table, also in our minds, that would work.

Here's the Dining Area
Sorry I was trying to be a hot shot photographer here!

This is how we have it set up now.  Quiet.  Soothing.  Hand me down wooden chairs with curved wood whojamathingys that stick in our butts every time we sit down.  They'll be going some place else. (I was going to type "to the curb" but realized that may be offensive so I'm not going to type that).  The Parsons were a steal on CL.  Those we love!  I'm hunting for others as you read this right now!!

OK, normally, I would just wait to show you the living area.  But it's right here.  So close.  Turn around.  Hi.  There it is.  

Wood stove, which we love, at the other end.  And grand sized furniture.  
No one will take my sofa, please.  She was the first real piece of furniture I ever invested in.  Now that I'm making slip covers -  Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha!
(see upcoming post!).  I'll be making one for her. So she will stay in the family for a  
l   o   n    g time.  

Then, there's EC's chair.  We'll be doing something about her.  I showed him my post about the chair and he's working on letting "it" go.  (I know I just changed from personifying the chair to making it inanimate again.  That's how I detach!  And I can detach REALLY fast.  Trust me.)

Here are the two computer armoires!
I love pieces that make the room taller.  Only 8 foot ceilings here. 
Big.  Huge window.  That overlooks our deck and back "yard".  Old trees.  Wooden fence.  Outdoor fireplace.  No grass to mow.  Paths and rocks and a fort for the boys.  The perfect size for their adventures.  And a nice place to sip iced tea on hot summer days. You are all invited.
"Oh, wouldn't that be grand?  I love having friends over!"  

Complete with natural shade.  Hardly any sun in this here back yard.  
Except for today.  It's bursting out there!!!  

Back to the living area.  Wood floors.  EC installed them.  

I'll be changing it UP a bit in here.  Soon.  
Something about waiting for the spring.  I like moving furniture when all the windows are open and I can blast music.  

Can you "see" another way for the furniture to be placed?  It's a long room with a BIG window. I'm lost on this one!  I'll be re-doing the window treatments, too.  If you'd like to say anything about this space, I'd love to hear it.  Or if you have something else you like to comment on!  Please take liberty!
Thanks ever-so much!


  1. I love all the windows in your home! Especially the bay window by your dining table, how lovely to be able sit there and gaze outside:)

  2. Know what I love? The mismatched chairs at the dining table. Very cool and I am crushing on the curved sofa. Stylin' Thanks for letting us have a peek into your world and home. Loved it.

  3. No advice. I know--you are shocked! My brain is to squishy. Anyway, just thought I'd say hello! Love the sofa and floors and armoires and windows. You have good bones to work with. And your house sure is neat! Mine never looked like that when I was homeschooling. :)

  4. Kolein~

    Thanks for tour. Ditto what Denise has neat in your home. My house never looked that neat fact, I'm still trying to sort it all out now that the kids are grown and the homeschooling is finished.

    I like the combined living dining space... would the L-shaped opening make it more living room and lessing dining space...if you knocked out that wall?
    How would you use the dining table compared to the breakfast table and desks?
    My house is so small I only have one table to do everything there... we did school, breakfast, and thanksgiving dinner all on the same table. So I wouldn't know what to do with all the tables your blessed with.

    You blog should be Kitchen TABLES Production... you have more than one!

    Love the windows and the light coming into your home. Mine seems a bit dark.

  5. ok... pay no attention to the veteran home-school Mom with so many typos and miss spellings...
    please don't judge us ,the home-school population by my obvious tired eyes and fingers.
    that last post was awful.

  6. Hey girl, so nice to take a tour of your home. I love your curved sofa. How neat it is! I also love your parson's chairs at your table. That huge window is great. I could never keep it clean...

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  8. I have to start off with I love your curved couch. Have you thought about angling that beautiful amoire in the corner to soften the transition between the two? I think that might highlight both pieces.
    It might help you decide about knocking down the wall if you are able to clearly define why you want to do it. For example, you want more light, you want a bigger dinning room, you don't need two eating areas? I love the feel of different rooms but some walls just need to be removed. We took out a wall and an over head cabinet so we could see the family room from the kitchen. You can see pic if you visit my blog.
    Can't wait to see more of your house.


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