Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magazine Marks for Tassel Tuesday

Bookmarks are lovely because they remind me that I adore books and reading and saving a page to come back to again. 

When I purchased a laminator machine a few years ago I began recycling all the cards we received from friends and family.  Some of the cards are just gorgeous.  And it always seemed like such a waste for me to throw them in the trash.  Thus, began the bookmarks.  I'd cut the card, laminate it, hole punch, add some ribbon.  Voila!  Instant bookmark!  So pretty.  So fun.  Over the years, I've been giving them as gifts inside books!

Well, the other day, I realized that I needed some for the plethora of magazines that I read and treasure.

So I began saving these.
That's right.  Tissue boxes.  Some of them are like works of art.  I cannot throw them out.  Anymore.

With an Exacto knife I sliced off the sides.  With my new paints from Miss Mustard Seed, I rolled paint to match, on the backs of the cardboard.  Let them dry.  Ran them through the laminator.  Punched a hole.  Added some pretty ribbon.  Made it extra long.

Sewed the ribbon onto the cardboard.  Then sewed a swirl clip on the end of the ribbon.

Now as I flip through my favorite decorating magazines, not only can I save the page I was just looking at....but because the ribbon is extra long I can clip another page that I want to go back to...(Momma gets interrupted a lot during tea time break after school is finished in our house.  I never get to savor the entire magazine in one sitting)

as well as save a third inspiring spot with the ribbon!
These magazine marks work wonderfully!

They are large and sit well and sturdy inside the magazine!

And I think they are kinda cheery and happy looking too!

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think!


  1. what a great idea. never thought of saving the tissue boxes...but, you're right- they do have pretty patterns!

  2. I think it's a great idea. They look pretty and are very practical. Great match...

  3. You are so very clever! Brilliant, even!
    I have often thought that surely there must be some way to recycle tissue boxes, other than flattening them and putting them in the recycle bin!!
    I like that you devised a way to mark 3 different pages (like a a true decorating junkie :)
    I just received my issue of House Beautiful, too~
    There are some pages that need saving...

  4. What a great idea! And so love love the colors you picked!

  5. Clever. I know somebody already said it, but it is *my* word. I just love clever.


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