Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wee Blog - for Wednesday

I don't know why.  Maybe it's because I have severe pain in my neck and shoulders right now.  Maybe because I'm sitting here alone at home while my three beautiful boys are skiing.  Maybe because spring is in the air.  I'm not sure.  But today I feel like telling you all...all 17 of you who follow and the other 3 who may read on occasion that...well, you all make me smile.  And tear up.  I'm touched by your sweet words.  Your funny words.  Your creative thoughts.  You are special.

I have this here wee little blog.  Nothing grand like some of those out there.  Nothing too, anything, in comparison.  Yet, this wee blog has created something in my being that pushes forth energy for this bud to bloom. And I don't stand alone out in the field.  We are all swaying in the breeze together.

I'm delighted to be out here with you!
Adirondack Mountains 2009

Highland Park 2007


  1. Ah.

    I'm delighted as well.

    Its a Wee Web after all... AND! Like we're all one big happy...huh?

    Good to get to know you Kolein. YOu make me laugh!

  2. It is lots of fun! My boys are big and don't need mommy anymore, plus I don't work so it's been great company for me connecting with all the other bloggers out there!

  3. What sweet words!! I am right there with you, wee, but loving it. It has opened up a whole other fun, creative world, hasn't it? It makes me want to do new things, it makes me want to use my mind in different ways. That has been great.

    Take care, my new friend.

  4. I know exactly what you are saying and I feel the same way. From little blogs come great things. Keep it coming.

  5. I feel the same, sometimes I want to create something so I can blog about It! HEE HEE. Now, I'm just trying to balance it all. Lezlee

  6. Your post above so touched me and gave me goose bumps- as I feel the same way. (well, you all make me smile. And tear up.)

    Writing does not come easily for me, so many like you have such a natural talent.

    Major bummer about the stiff neck, are you catching a cold? Too miss skiing I would would been so bummed!

  7. your so very kind! so glad i "met" you here in blogland! your spirit is glad you got a little quiet time and stay strong your blog is taking off! hugs!

  8. Kolein, everyone has to start somewhere. My mom used to say "You can't count to ten without starting at one." I think you're off to a good start. I seem to end up in the comments section of places you've been before me, and I always find your comments so funny. One I read today made me laugh out loud......."And I apologize to all of you who just fell face firt on your keyboards." You're a funny girl.

  9. That was supposed to say "first", not "firt".

  10. I just want you to remember me when you are famous with a gazillion followers. Just saying. Great photos by the way!


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