Monday, February 22, 2010

Make Over Monday & Move On!

OK, so I brought you all into the entry way - which everyone agrees should have minimal stuff so there's minimal clutter and my husband and I and our two boys and two dogs can all LOVE each other and maintain that we are good, kind people upon entering and leaving. I can not thank you enough for your suggestions.  I was so giddy reading them.  I get giddy easily.   Here are some of your suggestions (well, all of them):


  • Paint the front door a soft gray

    I was over the moon with this idea!  Our roof is soft gray and charcoal!  The mortar in between the bricks is gray.  Oh my!  I wish it was spring already so I could get started on that one!!  Thank you!  Just brilliant!  See how much I need all of you!


    • paint the closet doors white
    • remove the closet doors and do this  or this 
    • remove slats and put bead board on doors

                                                       The completed closet is from The Shabby Nest here - I absolutely love this idea)  So does EC.  He told me to make a list.  He did, girls. He said that.  "Make a list", he said. I'm ferclempted right now. (and the funny thing is I don't really know what he meant.  I just know he's never said that before - I'll let you all know as soon as I do!)


      Light and airy blue.  We still LOVE it.  So we are going to freshen it up a bit!

      THIS EMPTY WALL (door bell above)

      • shop my house for something was the suggestion made by someone who was all kindness about not "smelling the fish frying" upon entering
      Ok, "shop my house"?  I've never done this. If I did, I certainly was unaware.  So I did. And this is what I found:
      I purchased this 8 years ago for $1 and have been thinking of painting something different on it ever since.  It's been in the basement crawl space.  I never brought it up because I didn't have a space for it & I hadn't painted it yet.  SEE, how much I REALLY need you all!!!

      Now, the Move On part:

      After you walk into the entry way you are immediately in the kitchen, just by swaying your head to the left.  There's no getting around it.  There you are.  Right next to the sink, the potato peels, the hot ovens.  Yep.  Just great.

      But did I mention how grateful I am to have a home?
      I am.

      Meet, The Kitchen

      NEW Ceramic Tile Floor

      OLD Solid Oak Cabinets- dark brown

      NEW Black Granite Counter Tops

      When I was in my slamming cupboards mode I would dream of crisp white cupboards. Opening up our little galley kitchen made my heart sing.  EC had been told by the Wood Nazi's that you NEVER paint wood. That was in the 70's.  He got over it recently. I thought I had gone to heaven.  Now, you all may be saying, "well, my husband would never tell me I couldn't paint wood!"  I know.  I so wanted to be Helen Reddy with this one (I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR) but EC is really a great man and I am really a great woman and I wanted to like him in spite of the fact that he had heard from those Nazi's.  So I expressed myself by slamming the doors instead.  
      OK, back to story:
      When I was given the go-ahead to paint anything and everything my heart desired I stood in the galley kitchen and almost puked at the thought of it being white.  I started to smell whiffs of formaldehyde.  It seemed like it was going to be lab-esque.  I couldn't do it.  And I LOVE all of your white kitchens.  I swoon over them.  So I took the wood out of the middle of the doors and replaced it with glass, changed the hardware and fell in LOVE.  Do you think they need to be painted?    And what about that wood curvy over-head thing above the windows?? Your thoughts matter.  I wouldn't be here otherwise!

      Here's the glass (don't you love seeing the Mylanta in the upper cupboard?  Class!) and the new hardware

      Counter tops

      Old Ceramic Sink
      (putting in stainless steel SOON)

      Odd Little Stove Top
      (new one going in SOON)

      Weird little electronic intercom thingy that has been disabled.  Cover it up?
      Remove it and fill in the space with spackle?  Can you do that?

      Pantry.  My favorite NOT doors - painted a version of white with aqua tones
      (I was going to open them and then decided that I won't today)
      Remove them?  Put in another counter top in that space?  What?

      Lots of wall space above the fridge.  Should I hang something there?

      Double Oven. 
      We left the wood in these cupboards because I had to have some kind of hiding space.

      Above the double oven.  
      Should anything go up here?  I don't like lots of stuff all around because then I have to remove cobwebs and such.  What do you think?

      Back to the entry way. It's a quick trip.
      You should see what it's like on the nights we have band practice and all the guys are hanging out in HERE.  
      The galley kitchen.

      Any thoughts on this here tiny space?  Be radical.  I ain't afraid!

      Next Monday it's on to the adjoining breakfast room!

      Have a nice night,

      rats! I tossed my signature again!


      1. By all means, keep the Mylanta behind the glass doors!

        I only have two comments tonight--that is besides the Mylanta one. (It's your lucky day since I am very opinionated--usually.)

        Yes, I would paint the cabinets--even though they look quite presentable as they are. We put our kitchen in just a couple of years ago, and I went with cherry because it *fit* the house. I really, really love the painted and distressed ones, and I swoon over white rooms as well. But I wasn't brave enough at the time. I just told someone today that just as soon as I think I've gotten my money's worth out of this kitchen, I'm painting the cabinets. That would be after we finish the other ten jobs we've started.

        A good friend put her kitchen in shortly after I did by the same company, and she had the cabinets painted and glazed and I'm so jealous!

        And finally, there is a wall patch kit at Lowe's that you can use if you rip the intercom out. I just used it the other day in my soon to be revealed bathroom and loved it! It is like a metal plate that sticks over the hole and then a mesh thingy goes on next and then you add some compound. I should have taken photos for you. Anyway, just look in the patch-the-wall aisle. It is genius.

        Is ferclempted a word? I've never heard it before. Are you sure that is what your husband said? And are you sure that was something positive? Just asking.

      2. Kolein-

        Love the nickle-tour of the kitchen. Well, since the 70's I have to say you've done some updating.
        The floor tile- I'm jealous.
        The glass front cabinets- you can have 'em. I've got to hide my stuff!

        The Mylanta- perfect.
        I noticed you have other touches of Mylanta turquoise sitting about the kitchen.(coffee cups, plate, tray,etc.)
        If it had been Pepto-Bismol-- it would just stick out like a sore thumb!

        I say -- if hubby gave the go ahead for painting the cabinets. Then by all means paint them. (I have a hubby that was brain washed by the same wood Nazis.) If your dreaming of a white kitchen-- then go white.
        But, you might consider another complimentary color (don't ask me "which?") But if white is too STERILE for you.
        I'd ask hubby. Get his two-cents on the color.

        As for the cupboard doors (louvered-AGAIN!)
        don't know what is behind there; I thought maybe washer/dryer combo-- but then you mentioned putting counter space there,so I say go for it. You look like you could do with some extra prep space.
        Again- what does your hubby say on the matter?

        I happen to like the fact that you pointed out 'he is a really great man' -- AND! it goes without saying you're a really great woman. (but you said it anyway)

        It shows that you are lovingly trying to create a home the everybody can enjoy without the noisy cabinets! LOL

        Good job.

      3. Just wanted to comment again that I think the mudroom idea is a great one. I think removing those doors and adding a small bench and neat accessories would be awesome. I also love the gray door idea. Very nice... I kind of like the idea of painting your kitchen cabinets white. It just seems that it would soften your kitchen up nicely. Everything in my kitchen is oak and will probably stay that way for a long while...hubby's mind is usually that if it aint broke, don't fix it. I can often change his mind, but not sure if I am ready to change it on this one yet. As for the Mylanta...we just gotta keep it real, right?

      4. Ok, so if you are set on doing the cabinets.... check into Benjamin Moore's Metal and Wood Paint. I would go with a soft white like Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It's a light cream. You'll either need 2-3 coats of the BM paint or one coat of primer and 2 coats of the SW paint.

        AFter the paint dries, you sand the edges off to reveal your stain again. Could use a palm sander, a sanding block or a Dremmel tool.

        Then, buy a brown glaze. Not a reddish brown, but a brown and wipe it all over the white. I would practice this all on the back of one door first to see how you like it.

        A few of my concerns would be the trim piece in front of the granite. It will wear right in front of your sink because thats a spot we always lean on.

        Also, your granite is so dark.... I want to be sure your cabinets aren't too light....they need to stay warm.

        Have you thought of just painting the walls???? They are really light. What about a warmer tone on them? Even if you do the cabinets light... you need your walls a little darker for some contrast.

        That's my 2 cents for what its worth.

        The kitchen is the heart of the home.... I want you to love it.

      5. Just one word about white cabinets. Dirt. Every bit and smug shows up. I agree with The Magic Brush try a warmer color on the walls. The right color makes all the difference in bringing out the beauty of wood cabinets. My cabinets are oak and when I painted my walls a golden color it brought the look all together. I have had neighbors say how much more they like my wood cabinets than they like their own. And they have the same cabinets that I have. If you need some color options I can recommend a few I like. Just let me know. Oh, and I love the changes you want to make in the entry. Keep up the good work.


      What you say means so much


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