Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Th" Thursday


"Th" Thursday?

See I was thinking about what to call today for my blog here.

Thriftin' Thursday?

Thankful Thursday?

Thistle Thursday?

This & That Thursday?

Thinkin' Thursday?

I'm kind of different. I need some kind of schedule for my inspiration.

It's weird, I know. But there are others like me.

We use both sides of our brain.

Not only the left, which I believe is the creative side.

We also analyze and coordinate and use rulers really well.  We may have excelled in Math.  Yikes.  Sorry.  But we may have.


Mondays became, unofficially The Mother of all Makeovers Monday
(redoing my entire house?  DONNA!!)

Tuesday is now Tassel Tuesday

Wednesday is Whimsical

Did you leave? Are you there?


You there? Good.

So for now....I'm "Th"inkin' for this Thursday.

I'm thinking about my house, which was my husband's house when we got married.  Never occurred to me to move.  Never.  Until one day.  It dawned on me.  Why didn't we move?  Get a house that we both picked out?  Then I spiraled into the most horrible place for years.  (It may have been postpartum.  Maybe.)  I would cry about it.  I would slam cupboard doors shouting, "This is YOUR house, not mine!"  I'm a real idiot some times.  For years I told friends, grocery store clerks, old ladies, anyone who would listen, "It's not my house, you know?  It was my husband's."  People were curious, why didn't we move?  Part of it, (well all of it), was my husband's job.  He needed to be available 24/7.  And in case of an emergency he had to be able to get to work in minutes.  He managed the city and area's water system.  Not a tiny job.  But I still felt resentful.  What was I resenting?  I wondered. I felt terrible that I felt terrible.

Fast forward to today.  We still live in this house. Haven't moved.  Yet we have transformed this place from a gold, GOLD 1970's abode with brown indoor/outdoor carpeting to the sweetest, freshest, little 1000 square foot dwelling.  Nearly everyone who enters comments on how calm and serene the place is.  They love the colors.  They love the way the furniture is placed.  We needed more room.  Did we move?  No.  (I'm so perplexed at this right now.  Amazing what typing it out does.  Really makes you look like the stupid fool that you are.  Not you. Me.)

So we decided we were going to have another baby. We NEEDED more room.  What did we do?  The obvious thing.  We converted the two car garage into a GREAT room.  500 square feet added on, just like that.  Now realize my husband was still in charge of the water here in town.  So, we couldn't realistically move away.  And consider that we want some land.  If you want land here you move out, and away.

OK, back to the story.

Now, I've decided to change the interior....again.  Not move.  Oh, and my husband retired in Jan 2009.  What ARE we doing?

I don't know.

Maybe we are not supposed to move?  Well, that's obvious.  But why aren't we pursuing moving?  I am pondering and thinking and dwelling upon this question.

There you have it.  "Th"inkin' Thursday!


  1. LOL!!

    Now, what was your question again?!? My short term memory has me laffin' at your images. With you, not at you, k? xo


    Oh yeah. Liking the schedule! Just don't make it too much work for yourself. I have 2 things and soon to be 3 things regularly scheduled and oh my... it does add some pressure to perform on time. Remember to keep it light and fun. I don't wana see you have a Sick Saturday day here...


  2. That was interesting. I think I'm still following you. Moving is over-rated if you ask me. Way too much work! :)


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