Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday was a WASH so onto the Workshop Series-a day late

Did you ever just know you could do something?

You look at whatever it is, wood working, hanging a picture for the first time, sewing a pillow cover, and think I CAN DO THAT!  But the physical reality is that YOU NEVER DID!

Well, painting has been like that for me.

I spend time in art galleries and museums in awe, dreaming of how I would stroke and twirl the paint brush.  I could envision myself carrying my easel and paints to the countryside and spending sunny afternoons in the moist of the day painting the landscape in my view.

I am a bit romantic.

But, that's just who I am.

At 46.

I'm good with that.

And then, one day, I bumped into Miss Mustard Seed's blog.

And my life is forever changed.

I'm learning how to twirl my paint brush.  And I'm actually DOING IT.

Keep in mind that these little pictures of what I've done come from a novice, an infant painter, if you will.  Oh, I've painted a wall before.  And once I painted a switch plate with leaves.  But, the truth is, I've been painting my entire life in my mind.  Not anymore.  (tearing up as I type this!)

I followed her workshop on decorative painting.

Here's just the beginning!
I have to look the part.  Sorry.

I bought the paint, brushes, tools & doodads per Miss Mustard Seed.

This Shaker Cabinet was going in the yard sale this spring.
What was I thinking?  Because I'm also participating in Funky Junk's workshop

I found a spot for the cabinet in my studio for MY PAINT STUFF - because I paint now.  Because I'm a PAINTER!  EEeeeeEEEE!!!

And lo and behold, these little gems fit PERFECTLY in the drawer - standing upright.  (smile!)

I never usually just stick my toe in the cold water.  I dive in - when I'm ready.

So I painted this to start.  I don't know what it is.  But it makes me happy!

Then I moved onto these!

Tea stained bookmarks (note: the comma strokes!)

Then I bought this.

And did this.  Not my favorite.  I'm still crawling, though.

This has been in the basement for years.  It would stare at me when I went down to grab a can of beans.  In a whisper I'd hear, "Hey, you gonna do something with me?"

And one day I did this!

I'm singing, girls!

Got this little box at the thrift stop

And did this!!!!!!  "Oh happy day...."

Here's my next painting project!
Grama Anna's sewing chair! (miss you Gram)

Oh, Miss Mustard Seed, from the bottom of my heart, here's a little way to say "Thank You"


  1. Hahaha oh you are so awesome! And on such a roll! Unstoppable even! I LIKE it. :) And let's just chat about your painting! That white box?!? Gorgeous!

    BTW.. I have a hat like that but mine is bright read and reads CANADA. I'd confuse the masses if I wore it. "Is she an artist? Or an Olympics fan?!?"


  2. You crack me up! I am just swelling with pride. :) Those bookmarks are absolutely amazing. I'll have to share those on my blog. It is awesome how you ran with this. I'm that way as well and you never know until you try. Great job!

  3. well look at you! well done! dont ever stop! stephanie

  4. YOU GO GIRL with your painting self. I am so impressed. You keep on keeping on.

  5. Kolein, You're one of my winners of the DecoArt paint set. I just posted the results. Send me an e-mail with your info, so we can send them to you. :)

  6. Congrats, artist! More paint for your fancy paint drawer! Whoohooo! No stopping you now.


  7. Hey Kolein, congrats on winning the paint set. Well deserved.

  8. Kolein-

    my new found blogger friend! Look at you. How did I miss this post.

    I have to say-- you've done well for yourself. I love the paint technique you've acquired. AND! YOU WON!

    Good for you.

    Thanks for showing all the great talent and your room looks great too.

  9. You are acting a bit like an over-achiever. And I love that! I know this about all of your hard work and talent and all, but the hat made the post. Really. Sorry. I mean it's all about the laughter for me. I need to laugh. You are so funny. Really funny.


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