Monday, April 2, 2012

All kinds of blooms!

click here.  had trouble sharing the video


This creative woman is afire!
She does and makes and creates and paints and travels and has body parts removed and eats Reese's PB cups and laughs and then sews some slip covers.
All in the same day!
(not kidding)
It hurts me.

But I love every project she has mastered! Marian makes every project look do-able,
in real life. 
And I can attest to that.
While following her blog for a while now, I have entered the world as a painter of furniture and canvas and have covered nearly all my hand me down furniture in slipcovers with cording/welting!

Thank you, Marian!

So I wanted to give a shout out about her talents and gifts
along with a heart felt personal thanks!

In case you didn't see the show, there's a clip above!
Just click on her blog name!

love you gals,

can't get the video to work here


  1. Oh that was so neat...I'm glad you posted that, because I hadn't seen that on her blog.
    Now, the video didn't work for me, but the link to the show did. I watched it... and I loved it!

    I'm so glad to know that Marian uses a PROJECTOR!
    (i HAVE a PROJECTOR) ... not an opaque projector, just an old school type..
    well, not an OLD school type... more of a modern collapsible type for easy storage and travel...
    ANYway... I could DO THIS!

    THANKS Kolein!


  2. Oh, Miss Mustard Seed could give Martha a serious run for her money ...



  3. Hi Kolein--
    Came to you here through Kari's blog (and your comments on the post about linking, blogging, etc.), when the page popped up I thought: Oh, yeah! I remember this blog. Think I might have even commented a while back. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy it when you do blog. Especially love that sweet post about your boys. And I really liked your comments about the whole blog thing. Appreciate you taking the time to write them.

  4. Kolein,
    I'm guffawing from all the Kari comments - had to pop over!!

    I had my gallbladder removed just like Miss Mustard Seed - think it could be a blog virus? Watch out, you may be next!!


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