Friday, March 9, 2012

An honest heart

One can never go wrong with an honest heart.


Honesty has its ups, downs, swirls, valleys and soap boxes.

But honest hearts, they beat gently.

They wait.

I love them.

One of my boys began writing a book yesterday.
Because he can.  

As the moment of inspiration beckoned him into position, he curled up and began with pencil in hand.

A moment.

My other son was inspired to play the drums, at the same time.

The author quietly asked if he
"do that right now". 

"Why?", asked the drummer.

"Because out here is where I have the sensation, right here in this spot."

The drummer got it.
Drummers are deep.

  He put his sticks down and built a star ship destroyer out of Legos, in his room.  

Then the author came in to tell me that "the sensation" was where the sun was shining, and the birds were chirping.

Honest hearts.



  1. Wonderfully said. (BTW--I get that same exact sensation at Tim Horton's.)

  2. Sweet, my friend.

    How are you? So nice to hear from you. Miss you. (boy, I just said you a lot of times)

    Blessings, Amy

  3. Ahhhhh.....the beauty of a well-written post from the heart about honest hearts! Those words leap from your keyboard in perfect harmony (and a few drum beats for good measure) :)


  4. What a lovely post! Sounds like you have yourself a little boy with an old soul ...

    ... and one serious deep drummer!



  5. Kolein~

    This is beautiful! Deep thinking honest hearts... tied up in two brothers!
    So poetic.
    I've got two sons a poet and writer and a deep battleship lego building drummer too~
    he just became a daddy to his very own son (and second child)

    this post makes me teary eyed.


  6. I can hear those drums in my head and the older brother saying "stop"! I too have those moments in my household with 3 year twins and a 6 year. You post is so sweet. I will be back to visit and hope you will stop by my neck of the woods sometime. Laura

  7. You made me laugh again. I know that the post was not supposed to be funny, but the "Drummers are deep" line did me in. I did go back and read it for the "tears in eyes" effect as well. Mostly I got tears in my eyes because you blogged. Welcome back, friend. I hope you stay for a while. And maybe you could challenge me to do the same. I've heard that bloggers are deep--and honest. And some are praying for the "sensation" where the sun shines and the birds chirp. xxxooo


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