Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tassel tuesday - it's a go!

Here she is.

Sitting outside for a spell.


Surprised me with her.

She created her.


Oh how I love her.

This fancy dear came in the mail.

I was so happy.

I told Denise so!

This beauty came by way of Paris
via my friend, Ginger!

Oh how I love my friends.
She saw the tassel and thought of me!

So I decided that it needed a space all its own.

Then I brought Sweet Birdie inside.
She needed to be out of the elements anyway.

And I gave her a spot quite appropriate.

Now I can think of my friends as I sit at the kitchen table
when I walk to and fro through the breakfast room.

Maybe say a prayer for them.
Hold them in my heart.

You may remember these from Leanne  at Organize Your Stuff Now and her ginormous swap box of goodies?

Well, these are being carefully hung.  Can't wait to show you this next week.  If I can wait that long!!!!

Thanks for stopping over on this Tassel Tuesday!  So wish we all could "hang" out together!!!


  1. Tassel Tuesday? What fun! Those little beauties make a lovely arrangement.. and I can't wait to see what you do with your other goodies!

  2. Your tassels are as beautiful and thoughtful as you.
    Thanks for stopping by and chatting at BeColorful


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