Saturday, July 10, 2010

Typesetting drawer holds a different story today

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Here's one of ours
A Hamilton Typesetter Drawer from way back when.

I bought this for $1

when I began officially home schooling my children.

In 2005.

Lying on the table here it measures 37 inches long by 17 inches deep.

There are over 100 compartments that used to house letters/typesets.

I love print.

I love books.

Old newspapers.

I love to write.

I loved my electronic type writer way back when.

I took it everywhere with me.



So I had to have this.
And we are using it in our classroom as our official "Collection Board".
There are no rules.
Put anything in you like, from anywhere.
Including the driveway, the mountains, the ocean, the toy box.
Or from the wood pile, like the snake skin above.  Or from the Thai restaurant, like the mussel shells from Dad's dinner.
It doesn't matter.
As long as you can write a story about it.

Our Founding Father looking on.

The smallest usable pencil found in Grandma Beryl's desk after she went to be with Grandpa Chet in heaven.
And Grandpa Chet's ruler.

Everything has a story.  Every little trinket taking up space has been carefully placed in the perfect spot to be admired at any time.

The boys run over occasionally to stop and stare.  They remember where everything came from.  And why they put it there.

And when every little compartment in this drawer is filled I will get another typesetter drawer and let the stories continue.


  1. I love this idea so much! It's like a picture story book that you can touch. It's great that everything has such a neat story behind it. I love that tiny pencil!
    Oh and HI!!!

  2. What a great piece that is. I love how you are using it for story starters and memories. How awesome.

    Thrilled to see you on here tonight!!

  3. KOLEIN!!
    SO glad to see you here again!!
    It looks like Georgie is hanging on the side for dear life ;)
    I wish I'd had something like this when my girls were smaller! What a great idea!
    I would have even let them put up the snake skin, if they were brave enough to touch it to bring it inside!
    What great memories you are making with your children--you are a great mommy!

  4. What a wonderful conversation piece! And I'd bet they love to tell their stories over and over again. I LOVE this idea! I think I'll look for something similar over summer. Thanks for the coolest drawer idea evah! :)


  5. I am so glad to see you post again.

    I love the typeset drawer. Gorgeous wood and you are putting it to such good use. What good memories for you and your boys.


  6. What a wonderful idea! I am a huge collector of memories and very sentimental so this idea is perfect for me! My boys collect rocks wherever we go!


  7. Love the drawer with all it's cubbies and memories. I'm sure this will be treasured for many years to come! It's great that the boys love to collect and preserve...

  8. Hey Kolein! Happy to see you back! I love your drawer and all the interesting things in it.. I love all things print too.. I have one of these type drawers up in our box room somewhere.. I keep meaning to dig it out and hang it in my son's room for him to put all his little bits and bobs in - I think you just inspired me to do it really soon!

  9. Will you be my mommy? You're so creative and fun.:)

  10. I just bought the exact same Hamilton drawer last weekend at a flea market last weekend! It still needs to be cleaned up. I have other things in mind for mine, but I love the story starter idea.

    I homeschool too. My husband just brought me several homemade wood compartment boxes that once held a rock collection. Maybe I'll use those for story starters!

  11. I have one of those drawers as well. I keep thinking that I'm going to paint it and fill it with seashells or something. You have inspired me! :)


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