Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Would you be so kind and wish my MOM a Happy Birthday


This kind of a post has very little to do with decorating or the kitchen table....or does it?
Where there is a mother, there is home.

Where there is a mother, there is usually a kitchen table.

My mom is one of those kind of ladies who, if she lived when Susan B. Anthony was carrying signs for the women's suffrage movement, Mom would have been right there marching down the street.  I wouldn't call her a women's liber, but I would call her a
woman of movement!  

Mountains.  Yep, she's moved 'em.

Life has not always been easy for her.  But she makes the most of it. 
And still finds ways to give to others.

She perseveres.  She manages to enjoy simple things. 
A good movie.
A good read.
Her cup of tea.

This past Sunday she sat, sandwiched between my boys, in church.  As I looked over at her I thought that God had saved a little bit of perfection for her that day.  Her best friend and brother-in-law sitting with her, both whom she cares for in word and deed and her little grandsons and their sweet love for her.

A memory that always puts a smile on my face is being in the kitchen watching Mom and my grandma baking for Easter.  Dough everywhere.  Flour in air.  They would always pull off a hunk of dough for me to knead and prepare.  The aroma was heavenly!  It is forever embedded in my memory.  To this day, if I walk into a bakery I am instantly brought back to those moments!

Another memory that makes me roar out laughing is the time I was home from college and Mom and I were doing some grocery shopping.  A very long list of items to conquer....as always....Mom stocked our refrigerator and cupboards with TONS of food...no really, ask my friends.  They wanted to live in our kitchen!  LOL!
I took a look at the list and told Mom I'd go and shop for a bunch of items and then meet back up with her.
I walked away and then went around the aisle and walked up to her from behind, changed my voice, and started calling out her name like I was a long lost friend who was bumping into her after all these years.  I'll never forget the expressions on her face.  First, a huge smile as she was turning around to see who I was and then she grunted something out at me, her brow furrowed, and then she started laughing!!! 
(remember that, Mom??)

Another memory, that at the time I did NOT appreciate, but is definitely worth mentioning, was the music my parents chose for me to listen to.

OK.  I was a kid in the 70's.  James Taylor, Helen Reddy, Abba, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, John Denver, Jim Croce, Ann Murray.  You get the picture.

Well, my parents thought that was ROCK 'N ROLL.  
"There won't be any of that in this house!"

So at Christmas time I'd make my list of desired gifts.

Under the tree I'd spy a stack of albums wrapped.
I'd wonder for weeks which ones they bought.

Christmas morning my surprise was a lot bigger than I'd imagine.
Instead of Abba,
Loretta Lynn.

Instead of Jim Croce,
Roger Whittaker.

Instead of Elton John, 
Eddy Arnold.

My parents liked country western music.  I didn't.  But I learned to and then I began to LOVE it.  
While the adolescent couldn't appreciate these choices, the adult is EVER so grateful.  I have an appreciation for nearly all types of music because of this influence!!

There is so much more to mention about Mom.  Oh, the stories could fill a book.  But we don't want the paparazzi to follow us, so we'll just keep our little family secrets under wraps!

I love you, Mom!!!
If you have a free moment
would you wish my Mom a happy day today?

It would make her smile BIG!



  1. Happy happy Birthday Kolein's mom!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! :):):)

    Love the grocery store story Kolein... we still play little jokes on our mom... we love to hear her laugh!!


  2. Happy birthday Kolein's mom, happy birthday to you...(that was my Marilyn Monroe rendition) I can just see you all in the kitchen baking, mounds of dough, flour and the smells. Takes me back to when my mom would make Swedish breads with cardomom seeds. Love that smell.

  3. Happy birthday Mom! May your day be a wonderful one!

    Thanks for giving us such a wonderful friend!


  4. Happy Birthday to Kolein's Mom!

    I grown up listening to everything your mom wouldn't let you listen to. To this day, my kitchen music is fleetwood mac. If I am cooking or cleaning I am listening to that.

  5. A very very Great BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Kolein's Mom!
    To a great Mom... I've never met you; but I know your daughter (sorta, through cyber pen-paling ...is that a word?) and She is a hoot! Great woman-- keen sense of humor and all 'round great gal.
    So YOU MUST BE A GREAT MOM! Ms. Mama to Kolein! Have a very blessed and Wonderful birthday....
    Your daughter's cyber pen pal-- Pat (from Texas)

  6. Happy Birthday Kolein's mom! I'm a 70's child too. My dad made us listen to Kenny Rogers...LOL! You have a beautiful daughter so you must be the best mom EVA! I hope you have a very special day. I got a kick out of the grocery store list and joke! I'm surprised, Kolein, you strike me as such the serious type, haha!
    Take care!

  7. Happy Birthday Kolein's mom!! I hope your birthday is an awesome one!! :)

  8. Happy, HAPPY Birthday to Kolein's Mom! Hope your day was filled with wonder and joy : ) I'll remember your birthday next year, yes I will - it's also my son's birthday!

  9. You ladies ROCK!!!! All of this made Mom cry...tears of joy! You have made her day and then some!!!

    I just LOVE my blogging buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Kolein's mom! I hope you had an extra special day. :)

  11. Oh dear, I'm late to the party yet again! I hope Mom had a wonderful birthday full of love and laughter and wonderful memories. I think moms are always surprised at the things we remember so fondly from our childhood. It's not always the things you would expect.

    Tuesday.... why that was the day I met up with you Kol! It was such a nice visit, I could hardly bear to tear myself away to go back to work. We will have to do it again, and soon!

  12. Happy birthday Mom! I hope your day was amazing!

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