Friday, September 9, 2011

rare appearance?

 Happy September!

I think, I may be back!

Summer has been FULL!
Fall is coming soon!
School started this week here in our house...
there's lots to do!
I hope, really hope, I can fit
blogging in a bit.
It'll have to inspired
cuz otherwise...
it won't be.

love you gals,


  1. Ah! Happy September to you Kolein!
    So glad to you see you post...and see your happy face!

    I for one, want to say WELCOME BACK and hope to inspire you to write, encourage you to stay focused on the home front, especially with homeschooling--and give you a great big {{HUG}}

    -- PAT

  2. You gorgeous thing you.... good to see you back! If you're back that is. :)


  3. I so understand! My summer has been so crazy busy I have had very little time to do projects, let alone blog about them. I miss it like crazy and hope things will slow down soon. We too started homeschool back up, but I only have our youngest left to homeschool as our two oldest are now in college. Hope you have a great year

  4. I would love to see you blogging again. Your posts are always so up beat.

  5. Hi Kolein. Thanks for visiting my blog and the penny countertop DIY. I know you mentioned that you were going to FB it - how many friends do you have woman?! LOL.

    I went from 160 visits to close to 500 overnight with most of them coming from Facebook! :D

  6. It is all about the inspiration, isn't it? Praying that you and I would receive a boatload of it! :) Miss you, friend!

  7. So good to see that pretty face. I'v e missed you.

  8. Yayyy! She's back! I've missed you tons girl!
    I barely blogged all summer too, just too busy with life to sit down and write about it. Hope to catch up soon.


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