Friday, January 14, 2011


Because I love
I love getting stuff done
I did this

Thank you Marianne
for taking the reigns of
Gitter Done!

On with the show!!

Here's what I made myself do for this January 14th deadline
Note:  nothing was purchased for these endeavors
in fact, I shopped the house!

1. Rearrange both boys' rooms  - here's what transpired
  • moved out furniture - extra book shelves and chairs
  • removed large area rugs
  • filled totes with toys/stuff
  • cleaned
  • organized
  • moved in one large storage cabinet in each room

Boy #1
Room Before

Room After

shelving unit moved in

roar from the crowd
"thank you, thank you!"

Boy #2
Room Before
Room After
Shelving Unit moved in

Closet Reorganized
Everything in its place
"can I hear a shout out for the mom?"

2. Rearrange our classroom which is in our large family room (converted two-car garage) - here's what transpired
  • removed many years worth of school supplies, books, etc to storage
  • moved two very large and heavy cabinets out (those are the two that are now in each boys room)
  • condensed school room supplies to one neat and tidy, accessible area (I have been mentally planning this for years)
  • did I mention that I moved these large 4 foot hard wood cabinets up a landing and a set of three stairs and through the entire house, down the hallway and into each room?
  • I meant to
  • cleaned and vacuumed spider webs - horrible for me to do!

(actually this is more in-transition....I had the two cabinets back to back so I could decorate for the holidays and I had already started moving furniture and rugs out the boys rooms)


Each area labeled

the boys love working in here now...."Mom, now we can find our stuff!"

3. Brighten up the living room by way of what's underfoot - here's what transpired
  • rolled up 11X14 berber from son's room  - moved furniture up and over the rug as I went.  Can someone say?  Oh my aching neck and back and I think my arms are longer??
  • rolled up 10X13 slate rug from LR
  • berber was unrolled into the living room
  • slate rug was put into son#1's room
  • throw to the curb EC's 30 yo lounge chair - see it right there in the lower left corner?  It has a cover on it. It's true color - faded LL Bean rustic burgundy - NOTE: 7yo was concerned that I was getting rid of "Daddy's chair" - "Where will he sit and relax, Mommy?  I mean, that's where Daddy likes to nap.  Are you still going to throw it out?"
  • Move EC's lounge chair to the family room
  • Remove lounge chair cover
  • Yes, I did




how do I love thee?  let me count the ways! 
*there's my first EVER slip cover chair and ottowoman on the left and the other grey number in the back to the right is almost done...the drop cloth chair is waiting to be a slip, too.

Marianne, if it weren't for YOU (and Donna) these plans would have remained in my head for or so!  Bwahahaaha! ...a long time!

OK, when is the next GITTER DONE?
This is what I've got on the agenda so far:

 1. Clean out the freezer
2. Make some banana bread
3. Organize my sock drawer

love you gals,


  1. Shut Up!! You did so much!! Did the college bound kids help out?? Look at your slipcovers!! You go Kolein... and go you did!! I'm impressed young lady!! It all looks so good! WOW!

  2. P.S.

    I love your banana graveyard sign!! LOL!!

  3. WOW! Kolein! What a difference! I love how everything turned out! Great job!!!
    (Oh...and your banana graveyard is too funny!)

  4. Ok-- Kolein...
    as for the wood floors. Gorgeous!
    As for the newly re-fashioned living room...Can you say ...Aaaahhhh! that looks so relaxing!

    and as for the school room... I don't KNOW a home school family that has it any other way... but piled high and just as deep! I'm still going through our stuff and the last kiddo moved out 2 years ago!
    I do have to say...Good work!

  5. Boy did you ever gitter done!! I am tired just reading all you have done! I am hoping the hubs is okay with the chair thing!!lol I think everything looks fantab!!(LR transformation is my fave)Thanks for stopping over at my "place". I had to laugh at the rug comment. That is a real cowhide my hubs is going to use to reupholster a truck seat. I "secretly" used it for my photo prop!!lol Then I started thinking man I hope that paint was dry!! (it was)

  6. OMG!! I cannot believe you've gotten so much accomplished! And here I've been fretting trying to get my bedroom made over. Which I'm still trying to get done by the end of the night mind you - yet here I am gawking at your blog.

    You should be very proud of yourself - AND very tired! I'm so excited to see you continuing to make slipcovers. I really want to see it when you get finished.

    I think you've made great strides m'lady!

  7. You've been a very busy gal! Congrats on a great job:)


  8. If I lived near you, I'd totally come and help you empty out that freezer. That ice cream needs a better home than beside a graveyard! :)

    Fabulous, you! My GD doesn't hold a candle to the likes of you!


  9. Kolein, you have outdone yourself! Your whole house looks amazing! Great Job!!!

  10. De-cluttering feels so good doesn't it? Yes, I've walked by my cupboard many times and admired my handy on to the basement office...oh my! Good job on all your rooms, you've been busy and with boys too! Keep the energy level up, you'll need it with
    I'm an empty time has slowed down for me. Take Care at Mel's Cabin

  11. Wow Kolein where do you find the energy... I did a section of my garage and I am hurting beyond words. Everything looks great... love the banana grave yard... I thought I was the only one that froze

    Good job.

    Hugs, Deb

  12. OOOOOOooooooooooooo...Kolein, are you kidding me?! You have been busy girl! Did you have minion of little elves helping you? LOL Your boys rooms are sparkling and so organized. I can't show my boys this post or they would have to hang their heads in shame.

    The slipcovered chairs and ottoman are just gorgeous! I want to see more close up shots. Your first slipcover, really? You're good! Truly beautiful!

    Love how it all turned out! You did good kid!

    Have a lovely, Saturday, friend!


  13. Wow, I'm exhausted! You did a ton of work there Kolein! The living room looks fantastic as to the other rooms. So you couldn't get rid of EC's chair huh? I have a chair that needs replacing too. One day.

    That banana graveyard is big enough to make banana bread for a year! I can't wait to see what you do with all of that. And the ice cream, I can help you clear that out lickety split! Death by Chocolate has my name all over it!

  14. Funny and inspiring! Love how your transition to white is coming along! Looks terrific all around Kolein!

  15. Holy Moly! You were on fire! And you definitely put me to shame with my drawing of what is yet to come.

    It is truly looking great and I am sure it will only inspire you to decorate some more.
    Gitter Done! is going weekly at least until we all decide together that that is too much.

    Cheering you on from over here!!!!!

  16. Lord you way out did me, I was feeling wonderful that I had rearranged one fabric closet! You did the whole house! I remember when my son was little cleaning his rom, cleaning his room, cleaning his room....You know how it goes! When he got older I use to take a big garbage bag and anything on the floor went in the bag and the bag went in the garage.....He was always out in the garage looking for clothes LOL. He's grown up now and surprisingly keeps his place really neat, there is hope! Nice meeting you


  17. Oh my goodness, kolein! You turned your whole house inside out singlehandedly? This is by far the biggest gitter done project I have ever seen. I bet it feels like a whole new house to you, doesn't it?
    I just love how you flipped everything. And I need to come take slipcover making lessons from you.....looks great!

  18. Dang girl, you have been gettin' after it. Amazing work. By the way, I have a banana graveyard in my freezer as well. :)

  19. A huge shout out to mom. I'm exhausted just looking at all you have done. I love the rug in son #1's room. Very cool.
    I read your blog in reader and although I can see the entire post I don't see your whole blog unless I click on the link to open it up for more detail or to leave a comment. I don't know when you made the changes but I really like the new blog banner. Very professional. Yay you.

  20. You were a woman on a mission!!! Good for you!!!! (hear this woman shouting)

  21. I think I need a nap after seeing everything you did. Great job!

  22. I cannot believe all that you did! And you homeschool, too?! Can someone say, "Supermom"? Everything looks so tidy! I hope it stays that way with 2 boys. I know that my son messes a room up before I even have time to enjoy it, and he is 15.

    I LOVE your slipcovered chairs! I wish I had some sewing skills! Love your hardwood floors, too.

  23. Geez Louise, Kolein! I'm seriously impressed! I really like boy #1's room by the way...and everything looks so clean & neat....ahhh! I need to get back on the horse & gitter done. I haven't been blogging or blog reading as much this month so I'm a little behind...


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