Friday, January 21, 2011

Gitter Done

I have a little confession to make...
I didn't exactly do something for

I wanted to.  I had some ideas.
Since Marianne mentioned that I did so many rooms for last week's party...and some of you commented that you were going to take a nap after you read all I had done, I decided that I would take this week off.  

Oh, I did stuff.
I just don't have any photos to show.
My freezer remains frozen in this state.

 My sock drawer is still in disarray.

 But I do have some ideas.
Just wait...hang on...
because "there has got to be an element of..."
Don't ya just LOVE how she gets it done?

so my Gitter Done is to go and have some fun!

I'll be here
and here
and here

Have a great night,


  1. If it were only that easy! My house would be spotless!

    After all you did last week, I think some fun is in order.

    Have a great weekend, Kolein!


  2. I know, I know...I really wanted to submit things as well. But I got this new blog on a different site and it is really kicking my potootie---but that's not really a major problem as problems go and there is always next week!

    You crack me up! Thanks for that.

  3. Sewing... you need to be cleaning!! LOL! I'm blogging around now and watching Dateline since you skipped out on us tonight... sniff sniff...

    It's our party and I'll cry if I want to... hehe!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL. It is so nice to see all those expression shots of beautiful you.
    I hope that you have tons of fun :)

  5. I did not get done what I had intended to this week. I will make up for it. Some day ;) Can I have a pass too for this week?

  6. Kolein-

    that is all it is with me...
    an element of fun!
    enjoy your time off, you DID so much last time, you deserve a break and little fun!

    run along now...go have fun!

  7. You go and have you some fun, girl! My family went bowling today and out to eat afterwards. We had a blast! Family fun and PE!!

  8. lol! Having fun is on the to-do list, isn't it? If not, it should be.
    I agree with all the rest, you did enough for at least 4 gitter done posts last week! I vote you should be able to re-submit the same post 4 weeks in a row because it was 4 different spaces.
    Anyone with me on this?

  9. All work and no play makes Kolein a dull girl, so go play and have fun, cause I like you all spunky and fun!

  10. Now THIS is MY kinda GD!! Hilarious!


  11. fun works for me! problem is, that's all I've been doing! Now it's time to get crackin!


  12. Oh man, now I feel guilty, as one of the 'omg now i need a nap'ers!

    On the other hand, you certainly earned a break!

  13. LOL Ok then, since you did so much -over the top much - last time, you are excused for this week. But next week those socks better be sorted and I want a waft of banana bread hanging around your blog when I visit. Got it, lady? Deal!


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