Saturday, January 8, 2011


At times, I feel insecure,





Then, on a dime, my whole philosophical, genetic make up shifts.

And I become who I really am.









What I feel is NOT who I am.  

Is it when we are needed, a space is then created for us to step in to
who we are
will become?


love you gals so much!


  1. I feel that way sometimes too. Especially as the kids get older and I'm not needed as much. But I am. And it's nice to be reminded of that :)Have a great weekend!

  2. so true, so true. absolutely. love your perspective. :)

  3. Insecure is definitely not a word I would associate with the Kolein I know. Solid, godly, funny, giving, even more giving, caring, compassionate, worthy, mindful, intelligent, courageous, witty, infectous, creative..............but never insecure.

    I suppose we all feel like that sometimes, I just never expected to hear that come from you.

    YOU are important to me. You MATTER to me. And I hope you know that you always matter to your family. Everyone who knows you is lucky and fortunate to have you in their life. I know that a part of me has been forever changed because of your friendship, and I mean that. Chin up my friend. I for onw, will always need you in my life - so there!

  4. You're a sweet friend, Kolein! You say what most of us feel so no worries if you feel a tad wonky and insecure, at times. I feel that way most of the time but I like your other list better. You need to add funny and great encourager to the list. I'm just glad to share the blogging world with you. Hope you get over your cold, soon! We are snow bound and hanging out in our p.j.'s. Love ya, girlie! ~Michelle

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  6. That was deep!

    I'm built the same way. I blow around like the wind until I HAVE to do something. Then it's a no brainer and I step up to the challenge.

    I think it's the over active mind of a creative person. We flounder with indecision because we give ourselves so many options to everything. But when needed, we snap back on track to the simplistic and gitter done.

    Someone out there needs us. Never doubt it.


  7. I love what you've said...Sometimes it's easy to forget ourselves when we are surrounded by ubers(those that seemingly can do it all), but when it comes down to it, everyone has insecurities...some can admit it(which is mature, humbling, and wise) and others can't and I always wonder(and worry) why not. I think you are perfect...You are human, created to be multi-dimensional, and oh so beautiful. Beauty is within, and projected outward. When I think of you Kolein, I think very beautiful. Funny, kind sensitive and loving. I love that you can express yourself. Never compromise who you are for the sake of others, because you my friend are uber beautiful. Love you:)

  8. I think I could add much more to your list. Funny, encourager, sensitive, beautiful, talented...

  9. That is so beautiful! And so true for most women, especially mothers.When we stop focusing on ourselves we can move mountains.

  10. So beautiful and insightful... really made me think Kolein!

  11. Wow, I love this. So much said in so few words..(i need to take a lesson in writing from you)
    I am the most insecure person, yet those who know me are shocked when I say that. Why? Well you said it perfectly. What I feel is not who I am. I think it's what we DO that defines us. As long as we keep on doing, there's no time to contemplate that other, lesser person in our mirror.
    And you are dead on about stepping into who we will become, I discovered as my kids grew up and I had less to do with their lives that the person I became through being their Mom has stuck with me and I CAN do anything I set my mind to, just because I want to. And I love to DO. That's who I really am.
    Thanks for this wonderful, thought provoking post. You're the best!


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