Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amazing what a little LOVE can do


I was in a funk.

Yesterday, too.

I feel crowded.

Sorry.  But it's the truth.

So much to do in the house, outside the house, for the house, about the house, for the people living in the house...you get the picture.

And the house - 1000 square feet.
No storage.
Four people in it...almost all the time.
Two dogs.

And I'm a Sagattarian.

I don't what that means.
But I will say, that when I feel crowded, I don't do well.
And I certainly don't act well.
I don't even look well.

But I'm working on that.

Today, I woke up and barked.  A little.  Not too much.
EC is home now.  So he hears more of my barks than he used to hear.  He barked back.  And that was that.
He went about his day.
I went about mine.
Feeling sorry for myself.
How dare I?

I am beginning to see myself more clearly, now that I am part of a living organism called FAMILY; one in which I have a direct effect on.

I couldn't get happy or out of my own way.
I began school with the boys.
Ah, this is better.  A focus that has nothing to do with my house, at least for now.

Then about 3 hours later EC walks in the door with three bunches of fresh cut Peruvian Lilies. (remember EC is a practical romantic...so what's in the water lately?...last week the dinner...today the flowers....hope he's not expecting another baby or something...no he's not like that at all!!  Phew!  And besides, we receive AARP info in the mail these days...hmph!)

He bought three bunches because he didn't like the arrangements the floral department had...and he figured I would make them look lovely.  Ok, I love my life. (crazy lady writing this)

Then, this happened.
EC took the boys to karate in the afternoon and I ran up and down into my studio and found all this stuff....OK, did you read that...I found this in my studio.  I wasn't even looking for it.  What has happened?  This is what I believe to be creativity; inspiration, even.

I sanded the edges of the frame to let the brown out.  YES I DID!!  I know, I'm just as surprised as you are.  Who am I?

Found.  Found a painted canvas that fit perfectly into the frame. Grabbed a piece of burlap...OK I grabbed it with such glee that I broke out into a sweat.
Ironed it.  (are we supposed to do that?  I mean will it ignite? ever?)

Wrapped it around the canvas board, taped the back and then hammered the numbers to our house on the board.

Oh My Living God.

I did this.

All because he loved me.


  1. Awww, I love this post. I too am a Sagattarian and I don't know what that means. I do know that I've been in a funk and have been hibernating a bit early. What a guy you have! and Love that new sign, Great Job!

  2. How junkin' cool are YOU! Ok, for you, craftin' cool.

    I LOVE your creation! And that your man takes such good care of you.

    Now... start on that house that ails you so. Pick a room, any room and... just begin. You'll feel like making another 20 of those signs! :) xo

  3. Capricorn here. I don't like that crowded feeling either. Funks are hard to get out of so it was great that your hubby was able to do that for you. I'm super impressed. The dinner and now this? Wow! I got flowers last week and that was a nice surprise. It defunkified me too.

    Oh and the craft you pulled out of your......studio, Marvelous!!

  4. Way to go! I can't believe you sanded something down to see what was underneath! You've come such a long way since you began your adventure in blogland. I'm so proud.

    Maybe soon, you'll sand something down to the raw wood - and then use a glaze to darken it back up. Could it happen? It just might.

    That EC is coming around. He's got a good wife to motivate him. awww

    Love what you did with your frame. Now go hang it on the front door, but beware, burlap will shrink and expand just like hardwood does. So, if you see the burlap buckled in the frame in the morning, don't worry, it'll be gone back down by noon.

  5. You crack me up each time I read your posts. I love the framed house numbers. It says a great and crafty family lives here.

  6. Love this Kolein! And how sweet of your man! You sure you don't want to give him another baby? LOL!

  7. Ah life. Yours is a good one. :)
    Loved the story of a regular day.


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