Friday, October 1, 2010

Our new addition!

Meet Liza!
She came by way of a rescue mission in Georgia.  The good and kind animal people in a town nearby our home picked her up and took good care of her since August.  Then we met her.  Fell in love.  And the rest is history.
She's our 6 yo's dog.  

Our 10 yo has his sweet Kylie-girl.

Liza in the kitchen.  Now, isn't this funny? She's brown with teal colored eyes!!!  No really!  She matches my decor!!!  I LOVE that!!!

She was smelling these....

...garlic, onion, Bison burgers!

Liza has a sweet disposition.  She's funny too.  Walks into our bedroom, steals my favorite slippers and then sits on the floor in the living room and looks at us to see if we approve of her behavior.  "Is this OK?  Cuz, I might chew this thing to shreds?"  

We are all so happy to have her as part of our family!

Welcome Home!
(ok, seriously, this is my bed...she matches ladies!!!)


  1. What a sweet little face! Congrats on the new addition. Looks like she's fitting right in. With the decor and everything!

  2. Well goodness, I'm so glad you had the forethought to choose a dog that matched the house! :)

    She's darling, and her eyes are an incredible color. It looks like you photoshopped her eyes to match your son's shirt!

    Love that paisley rug. That would look great in my new guest bath. My address is 111 Polly Street............ :)

    SO, does this mean you might actually be back to blogging?

  3. Your Liza is soo cute. Congrats on adding her to your family.

  4. Congratulations. It will come in handy when she sheds (and they all shed) that the hair coordinates. In the first picture I love both their smiles.

  5. What a cute dog! She looks so sweet! :)

  6. Your doggie is adorable Kolein! Glad to see you posted about her(and your other pretty girl too!) :)

  7. This dog has the most amazing eyes. So sweet that ya'll have given her a wonderful loving home to grow old in.

  8. Ah Liza love. Glad to see you back
    Pam R

  9. both very sweet babies, but liza reminds me so much of my first dog! I was just a little girl.
    I love new addtions!


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