Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sweaters to PILLOWS! Re- purposed!

I do not have great before photos.  I was way too inspired.  I couldn't stop!

Picasso Pile of Sweaters!
(EC said this photo looked like a Picasso painting!  LOL!)
(from thrift stores - cheapos - nice beautiful fabrics!)

Cut up strips of leftovers from a big daddy fleece sweater.  I used this for stuffing!

Scraps to make some decorations on one of the pillows.

Hand sewing the leaves and branches.

Each side has a pocket. (these were the side, hip pockets on an Eddie Bauer men's sweater - complete with elbow patches - I still have those!!)

Cut the whole line of front buttons off the EB sweater - added them to the pillow for decoration.

Old Navy vest - complete with moth holes (upper right).
Beautiful lambs wool!!  Yummy!!

Cut the argyle stripes, sewed them onto the pillow.  The ruffles were made with the waste band.  The rosettes made from the scraps.

Golly was this fun!!!

She sits kinda pretty either way.

I did these today, Sunday afternoon!

Looks like inspiration has hit!!


  1. Very cute! I especially love the one with the leaves and branches! :)

  2. That's it. I'm firing me and hiring you for this pillow gig!

    Fantastico K! I love it when you plug in. :) You're creations are darling!!


  3. You did great on these pillows, girl! I love the grey one a whole lot. And, the leaves on the other one are awesome. Go girl go...keep being inspired.

  4. Looks great Kolein! I love the details and they look sooo soft!

  5. You have been hiding your talent lady! I love these. You have inspired me. Someone's sweater is getting cut up!

  6. Oh, I'm so proud! :) These look great, and fun!
    Keep that sewing stream going and you'll be doing big things in no time!

    Very, very darling pillows.

  7. I absolutely love the grey one! THe rosettes add so much! Cute...cute...cute!

  8. Oh girl..I LOVE LOVE it...I've seen this done in the magazines and thought about doing it myself...just thought...that is as far as I got. Those pillows are just awesome

  9. Wow! The pillows are awesome! So cozy! I might be inspired enough to get my sewing machine out of the box. Maybe.


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