Friday, October 8, 2010

Depression hits!


I sank.

I read Donna's feature today. And fell into a color depression.
You see I thought I didn't have color in my house.
I thought my home was muted tones from the earth.
I guess that's what I want.
Not what I've got.

Then I went on to read:

And cried.
I want a white house.

No. Not that white house.

A white house.

I have a blue one.  It'll have to stay blue for now.
But whats say about the inside?

You walk in to the kitchen.

I want it white.
White, I say.

I want the dining area white,

I want the armoires WHITE,

the hutch, white,

I want the sofa WHITE,

the chairs WHITE,

 the towels white, 

the doors white,

 the ottoman white,

 the bathrooms white,

the bedding, 

lamps, side tables,

 and dressers, ALL WHITE!!!

So, this means, I definitely 


  1. I say you invest in a power paint sprayer and get busy!! You can do it!

    The reupholstering I'm not so good at giving advice on. hehe

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  3. Kolein, I feel your pain! I've been watching Jo's blog for awhile now and she sure knows how to do her white!

    If it would make you feel any better, winter's coming. At least your snow will be white. :)

    Ok ok... I'll be good. If you want it, go after it! Just do it.


  4. P.S. Guess I'm kinda to blame for the blue AND white depressions. And you wish to follow me because... ???


  5. Wow, that is a bold statement Kolein;) I love Jo's, love looking at others' whites, but for me, I couldn't do it. You could do it though, and then add accents of your muted earth tones. I agree, you can do it and it only takes one step at a time. Plus you have more talent than you think :)

  6. hmmm, I like it, but I couldn't give up my red! Lezlee

  7. By the time you get finished painting everything white, you will want color again :)

  8. All it takes is some white paint and time and you too can be white. Something tells me you may be able to sew? Then you can cover everything in white. Have fun!

  9. Oh boy, do I understand. After following several blogs, my living room feels so brown. Ugh! I want to paint everything white but with 3 boys and 2 dogs...ummm not there, yet. Baby steps... you can do white towels. I read somewhere that white towels are way better than colored towels because you can bleach them. I painted a dresser cream and bought a cream throw. I'm getting closer, haha! Good luck...will love to see what you do.

  10. I too am drawn to white, but not everything. I live in the cold north and it would be too cold looking in the winters.

    I am taking my house to neutral's though so that I can change out colors as I want. I love white rooms that are warmed up with some wood and touches of color.

    I'm trying to take it a room at a time. We'll see how it goes!

  11. I love the white, also, but just can't give up my dark furniture. I do love accenting with white as much as I can. That combo works fine for me.

    Hope you are doing great!!!!!!!!

  12. The white is very contageous, although I must say I went to the white side before I started blogging. Billy Joel is because of my husband, he is his favorite artist and he used to sing him to me while we were dating and even by microphone while we danced at our wedding. Have a great weekend, let me guess you are PAINTING?

  13. I think I have some white paint left over from the weekend. I'll be right over.

    I wonder if you can paint towels........hmmmm.

  14. Ah sweetie. You're too colorful to be all white. I'm drawn to these neutrals too. Lord knows they're everywhere. I'm wondering if they are oh so pretty in pictures but maybe a little cold and sterile in a day to day world.
    Slowly start painting until you achieve your comfort zone. Then do something unexpected like adding a yellow toaster or paint the coffee table red. Make it your own look. You've got the style. Flaunt it.
    Pam @ becolorful

  15. Hi there! Boy, do I know how you feel. :) My advice? (That I need to take myself) Start with one room and work your way around. I can't do all white b/c I have small messy children and two small dogs, but I am leaning more towards neutrals with large pieces with color in the accents. :)

    Thanks for the visit today!

  16. We always want what we haven't got ;)

  17. Start at one end of the house and take as long as it takes! Days, months, or years!

    Kolein, paint is a girl's best friend! That and a sewing machine!

    Paint, paint, and then paint some more!

    Follow up with white sheets from some discount place like Ross, Marshall's, or TJ Maxx...whatever they have in your neck of the woods. Sew two together & instant duvet cover...use the comforters you already have as the duvet.

    Then top the couches & chairs with the secret weapons - slipcovers & decorative pillows!

    Before you know it, you'll have a shabby chic wonderland!

  18. You don't want it all white. White is not all right, not for us. We like color. Let's just face it.


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