Monday, October 4, 2010

She said, "Color", right?

These are the colors in my world.  They give me life.

Adding other colors is really difficult.

Nature sustains me.  I'm home all day l-o-n-g with my sons, so moving nature indoors is what I do best.

A pile of rocks here.

Leaves over there.

Wood, sticks, branches in that corner.

Slowly I have been adding these elements into our home.
(gosh do these change overs take forever or what?)
That's my goal.

One day I fell deeply in love with the blend of these colors.

So I started adding them to our home.

The kitchen is as far as I got.

So Donna put out the color challenge (was it a challenge?)  For me, yes.

Since I'm such a risk taker I thought, I'm up for it.  I'll take this broken chandelier shade and add some color.  If I don't like it, no biggey.  I'll just go buy another linen colored one and replace it.

Mix the paint.

Yep, that's the color I want.


It scared me.  A lot.

Now, you'd think that color wouldn't scare me.
Look at the color of our house!
(don't tell anyone.  I don't like it.)
We picked it out years ago.  We thought we liked it.  It IS a happy color.  
It's a great paint job. I learned a VALUABLE lesson here.
When going for color, start small.
real small.
(this, btw, is a work in week it's WINDOW SILLS over at Donna's)

So I painted the front door this summer.  
Fired Earth.
(might describe me, I don't know)
I LOVE it!

Just yesterday, my neighbor, the sweetest of all neighbors, who has a blog, lives right next door, and is one of the craftiest people I have EVER met, made this for me!

A felted wool garland of leaves.

I hung them here on the woodsy wreath.

Small change.  Huge pop of color!


  1. Oh boy, oh boy! I'm in love with that wreath! And how daring of you to display such colorful dishtowels. Yes, the smart aleck is back!

  2. Stopping by from FJI Colour Challenge. Too funny, I like the same colours. Love the dish towels too. The wreath is a lovely gift. Maybe we can both glaze our aqua's to tone them down at bit ;)

  3. WHAT?! More than 1 post in a .....month! :)You go girl!

    Love that wreath. Very colorful, yet simple at the same time. Nice.

    About those lampshades, ummm.....well, .....
    I was gonna say if you still wanted to use color on them, mix your paint with white, 3 parts color to 1 part white. Then, water it down with a wee bit of water (wee), and then brush the shades. After they dry, use a glaze made from brown paint with water, 1 part to 9 parts water, and brush over them. Wipe it off as you go, even tho you've watered it down so much. You'll love the result. You'll get the snippet of blue you want, only much more subtle, and the glaze will give you the earthy feel you like so much.

    Here's another tip if you're really brave. Once you're done with the painting, break up a bunch of twigs into small pieces, and hot glue them around the bottom edge of the shades in a random mixy pattern. It'll look like you've got your own little robins egg nest looking shades.

    Ok, that's all from me. Back to painting my furniture!

  4. Oh!! What Polly said! Love the twig idea!

    I was totally LOL at your NOT comment!! I did the same thing here and there and everywhere in my own home.

    And, just so you know, you made a most valuable comment. The colours of nature will never let you down. It's only when we wander away from that, us naturalists resist. Lots. I mean, look at an apple. It isn't stop sign red, it's a deep muted red. Lovely.

    Now go listen to Polly and tweak. Then reenter it in Gitter Done on Wed. LOL


  5. I was going to high five you on that awesome wreath, high five your neighbor for me instead, lol. I love the blue you are going for, reminds me of water and sky. All of the paint colors in my house are representive of nature elements too, and it makes me happy. Your house color is pretty, even if not what you want:) I am glad to see you posting more, you are such a good soul Kolein, love to you:)

  6. I am amazed that your kitchen may possibly be smaller than mine! It does not look like it is larger. Compact? wait, you must have a sink so OK, yours is larger.
    Natural and woodsy tones are to my taste, so I think painting the shade was brave and a nice color in small amounts, accents.

  7. Oh, gosh, color challenge. Ummm, yeah, I better find something for this! I'm with you on bringing nature in. I have bits of color.

    I like Polly's idea. Give it a go. You could always cover them with fabric. Got any sweaters left?

  8. I REALLY like that wreath. A lot. I need your neighbor to make me a felt leaf garland.


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