Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Color in the Front Windows

From last year's twigs and gourds...

...to this year's bottles.

I couldn't resist this "bottles in the window box" idea.

It was banging on my head for two days.
So, I ran over to GW and the SA and found these bottles...grabbed my hot glue gun, squished up a moss ball, threw together some pine cones and glued everything inside the window box on a thick piece of cardboard.

The sun beaming in the front windows makes the colors flicker all over inside the rooms!!!

For the night hours I've purchased battery operated white lights to sit inside the boxes, shining up towards the colored bottles!

I'll grab my camera and take a photo of that soon!

Happy November!!
love you gals,


  1. Hey friend! Love the colors in your window box! Hope you are doing great!

  2. Beautiful colors! Great idea! Love it, Kolein.

  3. I LOVE bottles in the sunlight. Those are gorgeous! I can see how the shapes would cast unusual beams. Very cool Miss K!

    And no tetanus shot needed! What's that like anyway? >:)


  4. Those bottles are great... love the color, shape and texture they have!!

  5. The bottles are beautiful;they have unique and different shapes and colors! Great idea. I bet they are pretty with the lights on at night.


  6. That is such a great idea! I wish I had a great window to do this in. They must look so sparkly with the lights on!


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