Saturday, November 12, 2011

We went on a date today! Dreamy!

Saturday morning, EC and I dropped the boys off at choir practice then went on a date.  Girls, it was a lovely crispy morning.  We grabbed a cup of coffee at TH's and set out to HD and L's.  Be still my heart!  I'm not complicated.  I don't use fancy creams on my face or wear expensive clothing or jewelry (well, except my shoes....darn size 11's...gotta get 'em from Europe....oh and that VB laptop case I bought while shopping with Denise) but I digress.)
The point?  
We went to pick out some goodies for our bathroom remodel that will begin after the holidays!

Here are some of our current choices:

When you open the door to our main bathroom you will be greeted with Allure flooring.  Easy to install (we've read and seen)!  The color is Alpine - which is more like a white washed grey in real life.  I LOVE the name.  And the color.
(these strips are applied right over our 1970's old tile - which means EC won't need to tear up the floor!) We watched a video and found them from Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

If you need to wash your hands,  we've chosen a chrome finish for our goose neck faucet (is that what it's called). We were leaning toward the nickel finish, but I'm not convinced that this stuff is scratch free.  Our current faucets are chrome and they clean up so easily without chemicals.  I like that.

Since we are adding a stand up shower to this current powder room, we decided to go with a pedestal sink - open bottom clears up some visual space.  I like that, too.  We'll hang towels on fun hooks and store bathroom items on cute shelves!

Here's the shower!  This will be a nice addition.  Currently, if you remember, we all share a tub/shower through a door that adjoins our master bath with this bath.  Makes life interesting when we have guests and they don't know there's a bathroom on the other side of that door - especially if someone is in there at the same time.  Oh the screams and yelps!!!  Well, with two growing boys PRIVACY is a must!

I haven't begun the creative application yet.  I figured once the bones are in, I'd let my mind wonder (you know, go visit your blogs and see what your bathrooms all look like and give you the highest form of flattery!)

Have a splendid weekend!
love you gals,


  1. Looking good! Hey, I have a similar sink and faucet . . . but still keeping the pink tile floor! Most of our dates are at Home Depot so I can relate! :)

  2. Looks like you have a great start. I love the color of the flooring you picked out! I used a square sink in our half bath and love it. Love the goose neck faucet too.

  3. So fun to go out alone with your hubby and do anything.

    Love that shower, girl!

  4. So cool!
    a date and a new design in the bathroom.
    I'm excited about your bathroom project, but I'm even more excited about your time without the boys! that is always fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Pat


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