Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We are new.  Everyday.  And some of us are new because we've traveled long distances and gone to different shores.  Some of us grow because we've allowed the out stretched hand of God to alter us by being willing to take a step from where we are in the spirit to where He would like us to follow.  And some of us fly there and back; shaking the universe just a bit for all the rest of us. Yes, some of us fly there and back - while others begin the journey flying and find that soaring suits us best!       kc 2nov2011

love you gals,


  1. I want to soarrrrrrr!!!! Growing but not soaring...YET!! :):):)

  2. Beautiful.
    Let me also add~ that some of GROW (painfully so) when we push that outstretched hand away...even for a moment.

    I love to see you writing and sharing your faith! It encourages me. {smile} Pat


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